CPT399-3 - Marbert Rocel - Compost Black Label 88

CPT399-3 - Marbert Rocel - Compost Black Label 88Die Band Marbert Rocel veröffentlich am 20.Juli die Remix Ep Compost Black Label 88 auf dem Label Compost. Als Remixer für diese EP standen dabei Daniel Stefanik, Jacob Korn, Osunlade und Klincke Auf Chinch bereit.

Compost 399-3

Diese Remix EP kann man getrost zu den Sommerhit Kandidaten dieses Jahres zählen. Gerade Daniel Stefanik´s Remix von Small Hours ist ein absoluter Peaktime Tanzflächenfüller mit seiner dunklen Jackin House-Synthie-Bassline, schön lange gab es nicht mehr so einen starken Track von Stefanik. Stark wie sich hier das Break aufbaut und man am Ende des Breaks einfach nur noch die Hände hochreißen will mit einem breiten Grinsen im Gesicht. Der Jacob Korn ist genau das Gegenteil vom Stefanik Remix, ein bezaubernder und liebvoll entspannter Deep House Track in dem ganz viel Liebe steckt. Osunlade´s Remix von let´s take off ist sehr funky geraten und am Ende der EP wird es mit dem Klincke Auf Chinch Remix von I Wanna nochmal richtig deep.
Schöne EP die zu den Kandidaten für einen Sommerhit gezählt werden muss.

Artist: Marbert Rocel
Title: Compost Black Label 88 - Remixes by Daniel Stefanik, Osunlade, Klinke Auf Cinch & Jacob Korn
Releasedate: Digital &rt; 06.07.2012 (Traxsource Exclusive)
Vinyl &digital; 20.07.2012
Cat.-No.: CPT399-1/-3
Source: Soundcloudsnippets
Side A
A1 „Small Hours“ (Daniel Stefanik Remix) (6:21)
A2 „Small Hours“ (Jacob Korn Remix) (5:44)
Side AA
AA1 „Let’s Take Off“ (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Instrumental Mix) (6:51)
AA2 „I Wanna“ (Klinke Auf Cinch Remix) (5:32)
Digital Bonus
„Let’s Take Off“ (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Vocal Mix) (6:49)
„Small Hours“ (Original) (4:43)
Deep house in all his variety, from being airy, fluffy, substantial, pushy or cracking to the elegance of indie pop, all in here: bodacious and groovy remixes by Daniel Stefanik, Osunlade, Jacob Korn or Klinke Auf Cinch.
Marbert Rocel, the East German indie pop’n’jazz sensation and live band just brought their third album “Small Hours” to life, capturing a deep sense for beats, smoking, songs, indie pop trips including leftfield house- and jazzy affairs. As Groove magazine wrote “...an album finally progressed their own stunning charm into a higher sphere of danceable indie pop”. Well, it’s true, Marbert Rocel music is light and sunny, but they working hard with patience, belief, a lot of cigarettes, and dozens of live gigs around Europe, to spread their charm with passion and a wicked glints in their eyes. There is this lack of pretention in their music which everybody loves, actually people from the techno, soul, jazz or pop worlds even all seems to be convinced.
Now we are embarking with the first remix package of their third album:
Starting with Daniel Stefanik propeller tech tune, a monster of the month. Over the last years, he produced a lot of different records on diverse labels: Kann, Freude am Tanzen, Cocoon Records or Cargo Edition. And don ́t forget his numerous remixes with the completely special „Stefanik-Style". 2009 he united with Sven Tasnadi and Stefan Schultz (Juno6) to provide their home base Leipzig, and to create the Label: Oh Yeah Records. Daniel is currently working on his second album, which will be released on Cocoon Records in 2012.
Secondly, Jacob Korn from Leipzig recently approved his seductive feel of deep house again and again. So if you take look to his career and followe his releases and remixes, you can’t deny that he is one of the men of 2012.
Osunlade is one of those established entrepreneurs and deep house dons who won`t need any further introduction. His “Envision” track went straight into nearly all “best of “-top ten of 2011. He was really digging Marbert Rocel’s productions, so he came up with compliments, roses and this awesome groovy remix. Available as an instrumental version on vinyl while the vocal version is available as download.
Last but not least Klinke Auf Cinch, a collective consisting of Clemens Kynast and Lutz Hartmann from Jena, Germany, who are living close to that place, where Marbert Rocel are smoking. They deliver an aromatic airy deephouse tune. Together they produce a mixture between slower house, faster jazz, reduced pop and harmonised minimal. On their live performances, they always surprise with changing vocalists, gifted soloists and different musicians.
Quotes about Marbert Rocel`s recent album „Small Hours“:
Tres cool, Lax Sax is a beauty. Really love the album (...) || Wim (Kraak & Smaak)
wow! Really really liking the sound of this LP! Proper songs, interesting production and looking forward to getting into this properly. lovely vocals all making for a great listen. || Jimpster
Exellent Album..Very Innovative stuff || DJ Pippi
This sounds really beautiful || Laurent Garnier
wonderful amazing album from my rocel ́s!!! my full support... || Mathias Kaden
Lovely springtime LP! full support. || Nugath
I really like marbert rochel great music for listening ! full support! || Reboot
Released by: Compost Records
Release/catalogue number: CPT 399-1/-3
Release date: Jul 20, 2012

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