TOP 8+ The best SPA management software today

Beauty salon or SPA is a service that provides beauty services and solutions such as facials, saunas, hair removal, whitening baths ... as well as massages to relieve people from stress. Daily straight of life. Running an SPA is extremely difficult because there are so many different things to be concerned about

SPA managers need to build and maintain an extensive customer network for management, monitoring and care. In addition, managing employees, providing promotions and online advertising are also extremely important.

It is important that the software keeps a record of the activities and revenue it generates. Business managers also need to manage their employees.

What is Spa management software?

Spa management software is designed to automate daily activities of the spa and beauty salon. It allows salon and spa managers to run their jobs, manage daily schedules, schedule appointments, staff and inventory at the touch of a button.

  • Appointment Management : Spa management software allows users to schedule and book appointments via browser, smartphone, desktop or laptop.
  • SMS and Email Marketing : Spa management software allows users to perform SMS and email for marketing and sales campaigns. Users may have access to pre-set templates of text messages. The software also integrates customer information and users can filter customer visits, birthdays and cancellations, and more. Users can also view campaign history and even send campaigns in different languages and more.
  • Employee management : The software allows managers to create flexible, integrated and secure work schedules with online appointments. It helps users assign specific services to employees as well as apply discounts for sales and services.
  • Sales management : software allows users to integrate payment options, there are many types of payments, discounts, refunds.
  • Product management : A spa and beauty salon management software that helps users manage their products with inventory control, tracking vendors and recording product transactions.
  • Report : This function helps the owner to monitor sales performance monthly, sales of employees.

Spa and salon management software is an essential tool for automating daily operations of the business.

Leading Spa & Spa management software


EZS is an easy-to-use SPA management software . Its unique features make it distinctive and useful. EZS also helps shop owners collect payment and make many transactions easily. Some of the salon's features include Member Management, Report Data Export, Data Sync on PC and Smartphone.

Face recognition: Checkin does not need a card

Customer positioning

  • Send sales promotion when guests are within radius (x) km
  • Provide customer information before checking in

Telasale automatically via the App

  • Automatic call to customer APP
  • Measurement of listening time - Integrated AI closing sale

2 built-in versions for Android and IOS

Scheduling - Assignment

  • Electronic schedule chart
  • Support daily income calculation

Book schedules directly on the APP

  • Connection management software
  • Receive a confirmation message to schedule
  • Automatically reminds calendar 60 minutes in advance

Information manage

  • Service card, e-wallet, voucher
  • Diary - treatment schedule
  • Online shopping

Electronic wallet

  • Service card, e-wallet, voucher
  • Diary - treatment schedule
  • Online shopping

Electronic Signature

  • Service card, e-wallet, voucher
  • Diary - treatment schedule
  • Online shopping


Price list: Contact


AZSPA is a throughput SPA software with data stored in "cloud" accessible via web browser. AZSPA is designed for all devices and all sizes of salons from small to large. Data is synchronized from desktop to smartphone. A lot of advanced features support member management.

  • Periodic reports: Reports according to indicators such as revenue, expenses, profits and employee salaries Monitoring and...
  • Warehouse management: Manage and inspect goods in stock and suppliers. Management of historical materials ...
  • Customer management: Used to manage all customer information management operations. Include submenu: Ho
  • Manage appointments: Set appointments and manage appointments by employees. Adjust, check appointment status.
  • Financial management: Manage and set up revenue and expenditure according to customers and services. Support with many forms of payment. Thanh ...
  • Employee management: Systematize personal information and tasks of each employee. Payroll, advance of employees ...


Price list: 299,000 - 799,000 VND / month


MYSPA is a tool that specializes in rendering services as a search engine for salons and spas in different localities. This is a web-based solution that aims to promote free, small, medium, large spas and beauty salons among new and old customers. Communication between customers and spa owners is smoothly operated through this application. Businesses can create their own profile, market their brand and fix appointments. It also allows spas and beauty salons to show their advertising and management capabilities and services through this app.

  • Periodic reports: financial statement management, revenue statistics
  • Membership card: Integrating VIP member card, Loyatly, earning points
  • Sales: Point of sale (POS) system with printer connected to bill, scanner
  • Customer support: Support SMS notification of appointment reminders, send customer gratitude in birthday.
  • Customer management: manage customer information, manage card data, track customer data.
  • Manage appointment: Support online booking on Facebook, Web, Instagram ...
  • Sale & Marketing: Supporting business management and marketing decisions
  • Staff management: staff assessment, timekeeping support


Price list: 299,000 - 1,299,000 / month

Salon Hero

Salon Hero is an enterprise management software designed specifically for spas, beauty salons, yoga rooms and fitness centers. It's a powerful and comprehensive solution that comes with all the tools to help users manage and grow their business. With Salon Hero, users can manage appointments, make reservations through online channels and perform sales marketing to customers easily. The system helps users to process payments automatically.

  • Full and accurate multi-dimensional reporting system.
  • Instant update, allowing to detect and solve problems quickly
  • Data synchronization, no need to install.
  • Manage sales and inventory.
  • Product catalog-price management.
  • Coordinate employees effectively.
  • Timekeeping & payroll by sales.
  • Manage information & transaction history
  • According to the amount of use, users.
  • Issue, delete and revoke the card.
  • Chain management multiple branches.
  • Coordinate and assign work.
  • Convenient, fast, reduce costs.
  • Manage information & transaction history
  • Easily classify, create customer groups to take care of suitably.
  • Attaching loyal customers, helping to increase sales.
  • Schedule on website / Mobile App.
  • Manage appointments with customers.
  • Manipulation of quick, easy cash.
  • Control all sales and inventory.


Price list: 249,000 - 799,000 / month

TimeSPA is an SPA management software based on cloud data synchronization function. This application allows users to easily manage their customers, appointments and employees. It provides powerful marketing tools that make it easy to increase customer visits. The program uses reliable technology that virtually automates the business.

  • Report revenue and profit: With the intelligent and detailed reporting system. Help you track the activities of the Spa, TMV accurately, save time
  • Manage appointments with guests easily: Manage appointments exactly to beauty care customers. Manage service packages. Avoid coincidence, discrediting with customers
  • Manage promotions: You can easily manage promotions, the number of discount vouchers for promotions.
  • Attendance of employees, technicians: Statistical reports of number of working days, overtime hours, early dismissal, late dismissal of employees and technicians
  • Management of recipes, therapies: Spa's material management is easy with the formulas pre-installed on the software. Avoid shortage of therapeutic materials.
  • Customer information management and security: Tracking customer information, service packages used by customers. And the money was paid and owed to the customer exactly
  • Send email, customer care SMS: Send Email, Bulk SMS according to pre-selected customer list.
  • Manage Online on Smartphone: Track business situation anytime - anywhere on any device


Price list: 150,000 - 500,000 VND / month

PosApp is an easy-to-use salon and spa booking and management software that can be accessed from anywhere with the internet. Hair salons, massage centers, health clinics, gyms, beauty salons, spas, personal trainers and more can benefit from software, while businesses look for Advanced features can select high-end services. As a cloud-based solution, software does not require businesses to invest in new hardware or install anything. The powerful booking system is easy to implement and use and is flexible enough to suit individual business requirements.


Price list: 120,000 - 170,000 / month

BeeCRM software is a complete management system for spa salons that helps users run their businesses, attract and retain customers and make more profits. BeeCRM salon & spa software offers many features such as appointment management, customer and staff management, marketing and reporting services. Users can book appointments and make online reservations and receive appointment confirmation messages on their phones. The software features tracking of product history, services and appointments and other personal details such as birthdays and anniversaries.



Namvietsoft will turn any spa into a 24/7 center by offering customers the ability to book online, anytime and anywhere that is most convenient for them. Give customers the payment options they like. Namvietsoft's integrated sales point accepts all forms of payment and binds each transaction to the customer's history, helping to better understand customers and businesses. The platform makes it easy for people to access their businesses 24/7 from tablets, computers or even smartphones.


Price list: contact

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