What is vertical refrigerator air conditioner | How to choose a suitable air conditioner

Normally, when buying a machine, we often buy air-conditioners installed indoors because of stability and neatness. But sometimes it is not always good to install a fixed tip. If you live in a rented flat, a room, or frequent housing changes. Then the vertical type air conditioner will help you easily move the air conditioner to wherever you want. If you already know a steam fan, imagine the vertical air conditioner is the same. You can take your favorite air-con to your place very easily.

It is hard to find a perfect standing air conditioner that meets your specific needs in a market full of different options from different competing brands such as panasonic , samsung, daikin, LG ... I spent a lot of time comparing different products to compile a list of the best and many selected models. If you do not know which products and brands to choose, this is the article to help you solve those questions. In this article, I will mention all the necessary aspects to help you buy the best air conditioner.

What is a freezer?

Floor freezers are portable air conditioners. Mobile refrigerator air-conditioners can move around if you need to change accommodation continuously. Characteristics of the vertical type air conditioner are low noise, always quiet operation and rarely require maintenance. Standing freezers have many different types such as: 1hp, 2.5 hp, 3 hp, 5 hp, 10 hp, air conditioners, etc.

Pros and cons of vertical air conditioning

Advantages of vertical air conditioning

  • Highly mobile, making it easier to move.
  • Lower cost compared to conventional air conditioner
  • Installation is easy and fast
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Low energy consumption, also known as saving electricity

Disadvantages of standing air conditioner

Refrigerators with freezers have lower cooling capacity than conventional types

Factors to consider when buying a freezer

If you love this line of freezers. And post to find out information about products, brands ... A lot of information online without knowing how to choose to suit your needs. In the lower part, I will list the important criteria when choosing to buy a standing air conditioner

  • HP number : HP or also known as "horse", the more air-conditioned the cooler. The question is: is it good to buy an air conditioner with a high number of horses? No, to decide the number of horses you need to consider the size of the space in the room. If the bedroom is small, buy 1 horse, large bedroom many people buy from 2 to 3 horses. If you buy cold cold used in restaurants, public places, buy type 5, 10 horses.
  • Cost: The price is an important thing when you buy anything, especially expensive air conditioners. If you use an air conditioner indoors, the price fluctuates from 10 to 15 million VND.
  • Size: This air conditioner is designed with the ability to move them from room to room thanks to the wheels attached. If portability is important to you, then it's important to think about the right size and weight.
  • Noise level : If you have already considered the above criteria, then this noise level should not be ignored. If you buy an air conditioner to use in your bedroom, you should choose the type of air conditioner with the lowest noise level, the easiest way is to go out to electronics stores and have staff test it.

TOP 10+ Best freezers for refrigerators

Floor standing AC 5 HP

LG Inverter 5 HP APNQ48GT3E3

Panasonic Floor Standing AC C45FFH

Midea MFS-50CR (5.0Hp)

Nagakawa NP-C50DL (5.0Hp)

Daikin FVRN125BXV1V (5.0Hp) - 3 Phase

Sumikura APF / AP0-500 (5.0Hp)

Floor standing AC 2.5 - 3 HP

Panasonic CS-C28FFH (3.0Hp)

Panasonic C28FFH (3.0Hp)

Midea Inverter 2.5 HP MFYA-28CRFN1

Aqua Inverter 2.5 HP AQA-FCHV24C

LG Inverter 2.5 HP APNQ24GS1A3

Panasonic C18FFH 2 HP horse

1 HP freezer

Mitsubishi Heavy FDF125CR-S5 / FDC125CR-S5

Midea 1hp MPPF-10CRN1 - 9000BTU

Midea MPPF-10CRN1 1.0 HP

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