Klimaastrologe Rahmstorf vom PIK verkauft CO2-Schmuck

Man kann es kaum glauben, aber es ist wahr.
How and why does this jewellery take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere?
Carbon dioxide (CO2) exists only in tiny traces in our air – yet it has a powerful effect on climate. It intercepts long-wave radiation with its unique molecular structure: O=C=O. Human activities have raised the amount of CO2 in the air by one third, and as a result our climate is warming.
To stop global warming, the European Union has limited the amount of CO2 that industry is allowed to emit by issuing a limited number of emission permits. These permits are traded on a market. Every ton you buy and remove from the market is one ton that industry can’t emit any more.
To combat climate change we have produced 1 ton CO2 pins. They come in several different shapes but with one common feature: when you buy this pin, we will retire 1 ton of CO2 emission permit which we buy on the carbon market. Every single ton has a unique ID number so it can be tracked online in the EU emissions trading system. This number – different and unique for each pin - is engraved on your pin. Thus everyone who buys this pin not only makes a visible personal statement: he or she at the same time takes a practical step towards stopping global warming.

Sie wollen etwas für den Klimaschutz tun? Nun, da haben die Rahmstorfs für Sie eine Lösung. Kaufen Sie kräftig "The Original 1 ton CO2 Jewellery Pins" und das CO2 verschwindet.
Eignet sich auch als Weihnachtsgeschenk.

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