Intercultural Training: Doha / Qatar

The Museum of Islamic ArtA Unique World-Class Attraction
As intercultural trainer for the Arab World, I am always in search of new and exotic projects and undertakings throughout the Middle East. 
The capital of the State of Qatar, Doha, has been a special place ever since I visited for the first time in 2001. And what a place it had become, how much has changed in such a comparably short period of time!  
Intercultural Training:  Doha / Qatar The Sheraton hotel in 1983
Intercultural Training:  Doha / QatarThe peninsula today (Sheraton to the left)
However, the most iconic building of Doha does not need height, as it is a true gem of its own: the Museum of Islamic Art, built by the Chinese-American architect I. M. Pei. The position in the corniche of Doha, on a single island, already makes it unique. But what has stunned particularly was the unparalleled design of the building in combination with the collection, the views and the athmosphere. 
Intercultural Training:  Doha / Qatar The Museum behind traditional dhows
Intercultural Training:  Doha / Qatar The skyline of Doha in the backdrop
Intercultural Training:  Doha / Qatar Islamic patterns as a guiding theme
Intercultural Training:  Doha / QatarThe mask and its shadows
Intercultural Training:  Doha / QatarView against the blue sky
Intercultural Training:  Doha / Qatar The outside park provides spectacular views
Intercultural Training:  Doha / Qatar
For more information on the Museum, visit the official website: Weblink:  Museum of Islamic Art
And should you come to Qatar on a business basis, make sure to have an adequate preparation for the intercultural peculiarities and specifics of the country and its people I would be happy to support you!
Andreas Hauser
Management Consultant | Intercultural Trainer | University Lecturer

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