Germany seen with the eyes of a colleague from Japan

I joined Cirquent (thank you very much, members in Cologne and other sites!) as a global trainee in NTT DATA Group this April. I would like to share my experiences and findings in Germany (Europe) on this Blog.

Let me introduce myself a bit. I was born and live in the Tokyo area. I have been working for NTT DATA for nine years. With Cirquent I have been collaborating in the e-mobility business since 2010. My hobbies are soccer, tennis, jogging, movies, and travels. Except for a short term business trip, this is the first time for me to to work and live abroad. So I’m very excited about everything I would experience.

I associate the following when I see/hear “Germany (German)”. Perhaps these are not so different from the ones of average Japanese:

- comparatively similar to Japanese among Europeans (honest, serious, methodical)

- Japan studied many things from Germany to build a modern nation

- big and tall people

- big cars, Autobahn

- soccer(with German spirit!)

- beer and sausage

- castle in the forest

- Christmas market

While I am working and living in Germany, these images might be confirmed or updated. I’d like to  report about them (of course, I have already found many things during these four weeks at the office and other places). By the way, what do you imagine when you see/hear “Japan (Japanese)”? Sushi? Karaoke? I also would like to share current topics if I can.

Anyway, if you read my articles, I’d be very happy. See you next time.

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