What did I learn from my failures this year? More than I thought (honestly) – Recap of 2015

In the year of 2014 a little student girl (well, 1,75 cm isn't really "little) decided to start a blog. All she wanted was to improve her miserable english skills by forcing her to write book reviews in english. She wanted to connect with the blog community in the world wide web, gain some followers (why should I lie about this?) and be soon very successful with her little blog.
Okay - first point. I defined successful as "finding people who are really interested in the content I put out there". I guess, on this one, I've succeeded (partly). But if I had to guess - the minority of my followers reads my posts and the majority just wants to have a follow-back. Kind of sad, but well - that's how the Internet works.
Go on, Franzi. Well, if you ask me so nicely, Franzi, I will.
She learned very quickly that all of her ideas of segments as "Funny Friday" or one Review per week was more exhausting than she thought. After a few months, her discipline started to crack (because I've honestly never had any. In. my. entire. life.) and she didn't put as much work in it, as she could've.
What happened:

- I stopped renewing my Wishlist, my profile, my TBR-List, my listing of reviews and so on. Because it was so much work and I didn't really feel any reward from it (did people really care? I don't know, because nobody really told me.

- I stopped commenting other peoples post's because I was disappointed, that most of them never answered (and if they did, with a shallow "your blog looks nice! thanks."). I really thought about what I'd have to say to all these posts around me, about books, movies or simply stuff that interested me.
It's true. Not everyone has the time to reply to a comment, but if you have and you write something what is obviously so uncreative and typical, than don't. Please.

- ... and I put myself under a lot of pressure. It's kind of hilarious to write that down because I'm no star in the blogosphere or YouTube or any other site - I'm just me. But I wanted to be someone, everybody else liked enough to read my texts. If I had no friends or no hobbies it would be understandable to reach out for relationships formed over your presence on the internet - but really, I have friends, hobbies (as eating and sleeping) and I still wanted to be kind of .. more.

What did I learn from that?

- First of all: I should've timed more things. I should've more discipline and that's what I'm going to work on in the fabulous year of 2016.

What did I learn from my failures this year? More than I thought (honestly) – Recap of 2015
- I'll think I start commenting again. My presence is unnoticed because I don't comment many things while I read way too many things on wordpress, blogger etc. I'll start to work on my attitude to be not too disappointed if someone is just ... not real-real. (God, that sounds stupid, I know.)

- .... and I'll won't ever say again, that I'll upload one Review per week on this blog. I'll upload things and stuff (maybe sometimes unrelated to this blog) whenever I want to. Because I don't care anymore about finding others who love Harry Potter or Fred and Georg in particular as I do - they are all around me (in realife and on the internet).

One last thing: I'm really sad that I haven't met someone over this blog I could truly connect to, but I guess that's okay. My expectations were way to high (the were nearly reaching the olymp. Sorry Zeus.).

What did I learn apart from this blog?

Well, I never wanted to say this but I learned that I can love some friends so much I nearly hate them (I'm saying love as in "brotherly love". Yuks. They are my friends!) , that I can hate Shonda Rhimes so much I DO hate her and parents are the best and the worst at the same time. Doesn't sound wise? I know. I am not really a wise person.
Just messy.

What did I learn from my failures this year? More than I thought (honestly) – Recap of 2015

Wish you all the best for the next year and leave me a comment with what you learned, with what you can relate or whatever it is you want to tell me. But no "your blog is nice. Here. Look at this link.". I always look at all my commenters blogs, but if they leave a link - I don't. I'm stubborn I guess.

Whoever is out there.


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