US-Repräsentantenhaus stellt Finanzierung des IPCC ein

Ein schwerer Schlag für die Klimaastrologen vom IPCC. Pachauri und Konsorten erhalten nun die Quittung für die unwissenschaftliche Vorgehensweise.
US budget battle lines drawn: Republicans vote to cut climate science funding
Sweeping spending bill aims to axe regulations targeting air pollution, clean water, mountaintop mining and climate change
Republicans in the House of Representatives this weekend voted through a sweeping spending bill that would slash spending on environmental programmes and, in a highly symbolic move, axe all US funding for the UN's climate science panel.

Eine weitere interessante Nachricht ist diese:
Climate Astrology: Are Warmists Now Claiming Extreme Weather is NOT Linked To Global Warming?
Did's Gavin Schmidt actually reject one of the 'basic pillars of the climate doomsday belief?'
NASA scientist and's Gavin Schmidt declared in a February 17, 2011 posting: “There is no theory or result that indicates that climate change increases extremes in general.”
See: NASA Scientist &'s Gavin Schmidt: Global Warming Does Not Cause Extreme Weather Events
Schmidt includes all sorts of caveats, including the phrase “in general,” but Schmidt's declaration may be misread by many as some sort of statement that proponents of man-made global warming do not claim that an increase in many types of extreme storms are “predicted” or “consistent” with their climate model based virtual world.
[Note: The latest global warming debacle comes in the form of new studies attempting to link specific rain and flood events to man-made global warming. See: Prof Pielke Jr.: 'Many will still want to connect the dots between greenhouse gas emissions and recent floods. Connecting the dots is fun, but it is not science' & Astrophysicist Calls AGW Caused Flood Study 'Drivel' & NY Times not buying claims of AGW/flood paper: 'The problem is that the Nature paper is not definitive at all' ]
Its_not_melting_here_you_moronsPhysicist Dr. Lubos Motl commented on Schmidt's new ambiguous extreme weather/AGW claim. “The idea that all extremes are getting stronger - a basic pillar of the climate doomsday beliefs - is actually so silly that even one of the most famous climate cranks, Gavin Schmidt, has been able to figure it out and admit that it's wrong,” Motl wrote on February 18, 2011.

Und hier eine schlechte:
EarthCheck Opens Paris Office
EarthCheck – one of the world’s largest certifiers of sustainable travel and tourism operators – today announced the opening of an office in Paris, France. The Paris opening comes on the back of phenomenal company growth in Europe, driven by the financial benefits that sustainable operations deliver.
EarthCheck already has more than 1,100 clients in over 65 countries and recently extended its global agreement with Accor so that all their Novotel properties worldwide will be certified by 2012.
EarthCheck is one of the world's largest certifiers of sustainable travel and tourism operators; with more than 1,100 clients in over 65 countries. EarthCheck certification complies with the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) 14064 range of standards for greenhouse gas accounting.

Der Zertifizierungswahn geht um die Welt. Mit diesem Unsinn kann man jede Menge Geld verdienen ohne wirklich eine Leistung zu erbringen. Bezahlen müssen das natürlich die Verbraucher.

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