St. Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentine’s day is approaching. This day is also well known in Japan. However, Japanese people deal with it differently. In Japan, we celebrate it as follows:

- chocolates are presented
- women present them to men
- often this is regarded as a confession

St. Valentine’s Day in JapanBecause it could be a chance of confessing their love, Valentine’s day is one of the most important and thrilling days especially for students. And, that day is also an event for people who don’t want to confess their love. For example, they send “Giri-Chocolate”. Ladies and girls sometimes (of course it is not an obligation) give chocolates to friends and colleagues as a gift of gratitude. And also there are “Tomo-Chocolate” (women to women) and “Jibun-Chocolate” (to themselves).

Besides, there is also a day in Japan when men present something to women. That is “White day” on March 14th. Men who got something from women on Valentine’s day give chocolates, cookies, candies, or some other sweets back to women. Then it is fair;)

In Japan, about 20 percent of chocolates are consumed on Valentine’s day. Some people say this custom is made for chocolate manufacturers’ marketing promotion. I suppose this is true, but it’s not bad because we enjoy it. It is an unusual way to celebrate Valentine’s day, but it’s nice, isn’t it?

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