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The Lost Prince

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‘The Lost Prince
by Julie Kagawa

The Call of the Forgotten # 1

Review: The Lost Prince

First Sentence:

“‘My name is Ethan Chase. And I may not live to see my eighteenth birthday.”

Last Sentence:
“And for the first time, I wasn’t afraid.”

Don’t look at Them. Never let Them know you can see Them.
That is Ethan Chase’s unbreakable rule. Until the fey he avoids at all costs—including his reputation—begin to disappear, and Ethan is attacked. Now he must change the rules to protect his family. To save a girl he never thought he’s dare to fall for.
Ethan thought he had protected himself from his older sister’s world—the land of Faery. His previous time in the Iron Realm left him with nothing but fear and disgust for the world Meghan Chase has made her home, a land of myths and talking cats, of magic and seductive enemies. But when destiny comes for Ethan, there is no escape from a danger long, long forgotten.

My thoughts about the book:
I was back again in the Nevernever and I have enjoyed my visit! Particularly, because it was already a certain time ago that I’ve read the ‘Iron Fey’ series and I’ve missed the world and some characters in it so much.

I’m aware that I’m prejudiced and that I can’t rate the books of Kagawa any more objectively because I am simply just so a big fan of her and her world full of fairies. Other readers might like this book not so much than I did, because I also see the weak spots in the story and within the characters, but nevertheless, I was totally enthused – I think it’s always like that when you’re in love, as well as I’m with her stories. And also her writing style is as usual always just indescribable magnificent, with wonderful and dreamlike descriptions of the scenery – picturesquely like a famous painting.

This book now is about the younger brother of Meghan, Ethan Chase, who isn’t so small at all and nice, like we have got to know him in the ‘Iron Fey’ series, but he has become stubborn, recalcitrant and tall– also built very well and attractively. (You only have to look at the incredible cover! ^^)

Ethan is able to see the fairies since he was born, but he dissimulate this secret because the fairy only gets him in trouble, in big trouble, what leads to the fact that Ethan is reserved and therefore also lives a more or less lonesome, dreary life. The only ones, who know about his ability, are Meghan – who left to life with the fairies – and his mother, who doesn’t speak of these things, because she fears them. So he is totally on his own. Hence it’s understandable that he is quite a sourpuss, at least at the beginning. Of course this changes after his acquaintance with Kenzie, where we are already by the female main character.

I have really liked both, Ethan and Kenzie, and I could get involved with them very well and fast. They were also a great couple and they showed a nice see-saw. And I also must confess that Ethan reminds me a little of Ash, with his often rotten mood and his constant humming. But in return Kenzie is completely different than Meghan! She is a disobedient, headstrong, cheeky and strong personality and has whined not once, although she also has to deal with some hard things. I also think now for me she is one of my newest favorite characters and I find them both great, really great and I’m already looking forward to read more about them in the next part. To be honest – I can’t wait and I’m dying here while waiting for the second book. :/

But unfortunately I couldn’t completely feel with in the same way like I did with the first series (with Meghan and Ash) what is probably due to the fact, that Ethan is telling the story from his POV and therefore it’s clear that there are mentioned less feelings and emotions, which rules in him (but otherwise it also would be a little unsexy ^^). Often I also felt that he brooded constantly and too often over the same problem, although it was already discussed and I fear that this will also go on in the next part.
But nevertheless I’m really looking forward to the second part, because I want to read more about them and I also want to know how it goes on with the other characters. Particularly with Keeiran and Annwyln.

However, I think it’s a little pity that though Ash, Meghan or Puck showed up, they only were present for a very short time and hadn’t an important role in it. For me that would be okay, if it was just Meghan and Ash, but that also Puck and Grimalkin were very absent, has surprised me. I’ve really hoped for Puck that he gets a nice part again and gets this time also his happy-end, but unfortunately no. And instead of Grimalkin,  these Razor got the steadier role beside the main characters and though it was also funny when he has chirped the first time ‘bad Kitty’, it become dull after the third time.

Also the plot wasn’t so very surprising  in the story, because I’ve foreseen parts of it, which were also confirmed later on, for example the thing with the queen or with Kenzie. There Kagawa has probably already pointed to it too early, as well as the thing with the mysterious ‘Forgotten’ was no surprise for me. But I think that I see that rather fast in such a way, because I’ve already read all the other books from her. For somebody who doesn’t know ‘The Iron Fey’ series, the book offers more new things and surprise. However then the joy of seeing all the other characters from the first series again, is missing, which I really liked . So everything has his own advantages.
But I think, one can also read this book without having read ‘The Iron Fey’ series before. Everything is explained and one can follow the story also without foreknowledge.

This is an amazing cover which shows Ethan matchless at it. It’s really brilliant and there you only want to start reading the book immediately, right? ;)

All in all:
Not as good as ‘The Iron Fey’ series, because in my opinion there were many similar things in it, but nevertheless still a highlight and Kagawa writes for me the best and most fantastic fairy stories.

4 of 5 points – (Great, Great, Great) (


 Kenzie: “No need to be nasty,” she said, seeming unconcerned with my aggressiveness. “I’m not asking for a date, tough guy, just your name.”

Grimalkin: “Well, well,” answered a cool, amused voice from somewhere above us. “And here you are again. Ethan Chase, your family does have a knack for getting into trouble.”

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