Memorial for Holocaust victims from Bavarian Quarter of Berlin

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At the German Jewish Community History Awards in Berlin this year, one of the outstanding awards was to Christa Niclasen, the principal of the Loecknitz-Grundschule in the Bavarian Quarter of the Schoeneberg district of Berlin.  For the past 18 years, sixth grade students from the school have prepared bricks with the names of and information about Holocaust victims from their area.  These have then been used to erect a wall in the schoolyard, which will have its 1,000th brick put in place this coming June 14, accompanied by a major ceremony.  For many of these victims, these bricks are the only earthly monument to them.  The school has never attempted to identify descendants or relatives of these Holocaust victims, even though they have all of their names, addresses, birth dates and death locations.  The entire list of 964 names can now be found at:

If you can identify the descendants or relatives of any of these victims, please let them know about the memorial brick for their ancestor and let us know at  [email protected] who they are and how they can be contacted so that they can be invited to visit the school in Berlin.   Regards,

Arthur Obermayer,  President, German Jewish Community History Council West Newton, Mass. USA
[email protected]

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