LATE NIGHT DREAM presents: A Quincy Jones Affair

01.Bill Cosby - Hikky-Burr (Theme From ‚The Bill Cosby Show' Nbc Tv)
02.Ray Charles - In the Heat of the Night (Music From Picture In the Heat of the Night)
03.Quincy Jones And His Orchestra - Soul Bossa Nova (Music From Austin Powers)
04.Quincy Jones - Poppy Girls (Music From The Wiz)
05.Astrud Gilberto - The Deadly Affair (Music From Who Needs Forever)
06.Quincy Jones - The Hot Rock Theme (Music From The Hot Rock)
07.Quincy Jones & Ray Brown Orchestra - Children's Games (Music From The Adventurers)
08.Quincy Jones - Ribber Ducky (Music From Picture Dollar)
09.Quincy Jones - On Days Like These (Music From The Italian Job)
10.Quincy Jones - The Pawnbroker (End Title)
11.Quincy Jones & Ray Brown Orchestra - Go Down Dying (Music From The Adventurers)
12.Quincy Jones - Sanford & Son Theme (The Streetbeater)
13.Gil Bernal - It Sure is Groovy (Music From Picture In the Heat of the Night)
14.Diana Ross & Michael Jackson - Liberation Ballet, A Brand New Day (Music From The Wiz)
15.Quincy Jones - They Call Me Mister Tibbs (Music From Picture Call Me Mister Tibbs)
16.Diana Ross & Michael Jackson - Ease On Down The Road #1 (Music From The Wiz)
17.The Don Elliott Voices - Money Is (Music From Dollar)
18.Michael Jackson - You Can't Win (Music From The Wiz)
19.Quincy Jones - Emerald City Sequence (Music From The Wiz)
20.Quincy Jones - The Anderson Tapes (Theme From The Anderson Tapes)
21.Quincy Jones - Money Runner (Music From Dollar)
22.Quincy Jones - Walk Don't Run (Happy Feet)
23.Quincy Jones - The Deadly Affair (Intrumental Main Theme)
24.Quincy Jones - Ironside (Theme)
25.Quincy Jones - Walk Don't Run (Copy Cat Wack A Doo)
26.Quincy Jones - The Pawnbroker (Main Title)
27.Quincy Jones & Ray Brown Orchestra - Pony (Music From The Adventurers)

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