How to apply for a Visa for Myanmar Visa (November 2012)

How to apply for a Visa for Myanmar Visa (November 2012)

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A friend of mine applied today for a Visa at the Embassy of Myanmar, so I am happy to share the newest informations about this process:
Unfortunately applying online for a Visa of Myanmar is still not possible.
I just got an answer for my inquiry why it is still not working: "....Our system is now ready to launch and we are now waiting for the green light from government. We will announce our official launch date together with visa fee once we got confirmation from the government...."
A Visa-on-Arrival should be available for Business- and Transit-Visa in Yangoon (not confirmed). Please note that Tourist-Visa is NOT available on arrival!
Even the Myanmar Embassies in Australia and Japan advicing Tourist to apply for a Visa in Bangkok, because you can get it faster than somewhere else. In the above named countries could it take up to 27 days.
The best and fastest way to get a Visa for Myanmar is to apply at the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar in Bangkok.
132, SATHORN NUA ROAD, BANGKOK 10500, Tel : (662) 233-2237, 234-4698, 233-7250, 234 4789,237 7744, Fax : (233) 236-6898
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Show the the location of the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar in a separate window.

The main entrance is faced to the Sathorn Road (close to BTS-Station Suarasak). Take exit number 3 at the BTS-Station and make u-turn after coming down the stairs.

The Visa section is on the left side of the Embassy in Thanon Pan street. You will see the "Visa section" sign or the a long queue. I talked to people who queued up since 6.30am. The Embassy opening hours are for application from 9am-12am. You can collect your Visa between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. It seems they changed the original opening hours at the afternoon.

All you need for Visa application is your passport (it has to be valid for at least 6 month), a copy of your passport, two regular sized passport pictures and a Tourist-Visa form.

There is no need to queue up for the form at the Embassy. Just follow a yellow sign to a copy shop in a small alley (200 meters). If you need assistance for filling out, they will help you.

If you haven't pictures, they can take it too. I can't remember the exact prices, but the form was about 5 THB. No worry, their service is cheap, not overpriced like in other similar locations.

Although the government in Myanmar changed and they open their country more and more for tourism, it is still a socialistic state with different rules and thinking. In case you are a writer, journalist or photographer, don't write this in the form!

Queue up in the line can take until three hours. My friend arrived there around 8am and she was 9th in the line. When I applied, I arrived the same time and had to wait 2,5 hours at a sunny day. There is no shadow in the morning. Don't forget to use sun protection, umbrella and bring water with you.

The normal Visa process takes two days and the fee is 810 THB. If you use the Express-Visa you will get it the next day and they charge you 1035 THB. In case you need the Visa ion the same day you have to present a flight ticket for the next day, otherwise they deny this service and you can only get it the day after. But if you present such a flight ticket you can pick up the Visa between 3.30pm and 4.30pm and the fee is 1260 THB. It is a different counter for pick up, no need to queue up in the regular row! 

How to apply for a Visa for Myanmar Visa (November 2012)

You will get a Single-Entry-Visa which is valid for 3 month and you can stay maximum 28 days.
As you can read it is very easy to get the Visa for Myanmar. So don't miss the chance to discover a nearly untouched touristic spot in South-East-Asia!
Nearly every day I am reading new informations about Myanmar in every belongings, so in Visa affairs. That means, just ask at the closest Embassy of the Union of Myanmar for current details for the application.
By the way, if you want to spend the lunch time in this area, there opened a good coffee shop in opposite on the other side of Sathorn road last february. I can't remember the name, just use the BTS-Station to cross the street and take the exit close to the Eastin hotel. Then just walk a few meters in north direction and you will see that shop with a parking spot in front. Enjoy your break there and espacially your trip to Myanmar, my favorite country in this part of the world. It is the untouched jewel in South-East-Asia.
......In case you take an early flight to Yangoon in the morning,then choose a window seat on the right side and you will see amazing scenes when the fog is raising up the mountains!

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