Good Morning Mallorca

Light & Beautiful Instrumental Music – Good Morning Mallorca

N°082: A light and beautiful relaxdaily instrumental music piece that comes with footage from Mallorca’s north coast. Instrumental music for your studying, relaxation, office, spa, or your “good morning” playlist!

On the creative process:
So, last week, while I was in the process of recording the tune “N°082″, I realized that I lack decent footage for its YouTube release! If I wanted to keep up the style of the recent relaxdaily videos (which I enjoy to do, but yet have to find a way to get it done in a sustainable way), I knew I had to start shooting something somewhere better instantly. A look on the weather map combined with a Google Maps places research revealed the Spanish island Mallorca as a promising option. A few minutes later the flight and a rental car was booked, a few hours later I had both feet on the island.

In this video you experience an early morning walk (while most tourists are still in their beds) just north of the village Betlem. You walk on a trail along the coast some 10m / 30 feet above the sea, breathe fresh air and look at the blue/green water below you. You sit down for a while in a shade of a tree, enjoy the beautiful landscape and relax ;)

…so, two days later, I’m back at home, finish the music and make it fit with the footage. I hope you enjoy both, the music and the vid!

Good energy to you,
Michael (relaxdaily)

music and video © 2014 relaxdaily

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…relaxdaily’s instrumental background music: beautiful, light, peaceful and positive music that can be used as a soundtrack for multiple activities. Depending on your interest you might use my music in your relax radio playlist, as yoga music, as spa & wellness music, as meditation music, as music while you’re studying, learning, doing homework, working (possibly mentally, creatively), reading, writing, gaming, while thinking or reflecting, dreaming, reviewing, making future plans, coding, inventing, changing society or systems for the better, or simply to fill the air with a positive vibe.
Some use it as “sleep music” (I personally think there’s better sleep, or “sleep aid” music out there, but it seems to work… and sure, a good sleep IS a good foundation of a healthy lifestyle ;) Call it chill-out, smooth, ambient, New Age, healing, inspirational, instrumental, or background music – this is not as much about a genre as it is about a feeling. A way of life. With the relaxdaily project, I try to take a little heat from our (generally) too busy lives. …Cool music for hot heads ;)
My mission is to deliver a soundtrack for you, when you feel the need for some calm, good energy tunes.
- Michael (relaxdaily)

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