Eli Roth über seine kommenden Horrorfilm-Projekte

IGN hat sich mit Eli Roth über diverse Dinge unterhalten, dabei fielen natürlich auch Worte über seine anstehenden Projekte, darunter ein Film, der eine Mischung aus Brautalarm und Einer Flog über's Kuckucksnest sein soll, als auch über das Remake seines eigenen Films Cabin Fever. Hier die entsprechenden Auszüge aus dem Interview.

Right now I'm having a lot of fun writing original stuff. After Green Inferno, Knock Knock and Aftershock I found a great team writing with Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo and we just wrote a movie that we're putting together now called I'm Not Crazy that is like Bridesmaids-meets-One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It's a female-driven comedy set in a mental asylum. We had a great, great time writing it.

Sehr wahrscheinlich werden wir besagten I'm Not Crazy lediglich auf DVD/Blu-ray zu Gesicht bekommen. Derweil handelt es sich zwar um einen Film den Eli Roth mitentwickelt, bei dem er laut eigener Angabe aber nicht die Regie übernehmen wird, das überlässt er Nicolas Lopez.

For Nicolas to direct. And we want to shoot it this summer. I'd be one of the producers on it. We're literally putting it altogether right now. The movies we watched and said 'We want to do that' are Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids. Something that's female-driven and very, very funny; that's a straight-up comedy. And I have another comedy idea that I'm outlining to write right now. I've been having a fun time writing other stuff. There's also a horror project that I'm working on too. I have three different things at the moment - one I write in the morning, one's in the afternoon, and one's at night.

Ein sehr geschäftiger Mann. Und selbst wenn er hier über ein Comedy-Projekt spricht, so glaube ich dass Roth mit der Szenerie einer Irrenanstalt durchaus seinem Stil treu bleiben wird. Derweil hat er für das Remake von Cabin Fever durch Regisseur Travis Zariwny mit demselben Drehbuch (von Roth) wie der Originalfilm es verwendet hat nur lobende Worte parat.

It's great. And I'm saying that honestly. I saw it and I was blown away. I couldn't believe it. Travis Zariwny the director did a fantastic job. They came to me exactly a year ago and said 'We want to remake Cabin Fever using your original script.' You've got to realise that from an egotistical point-of-view I wrote Cabin Fever when I was 22-years-old. Right out of university. And for six years everyone told me 'This is an un-makeable piece of shit.' So the fact that the same script would get made twice and that 20 years later, 20 years after I originally wrote it, it got sent around Hollywood and people were reading the same dialogue. I looked at it as like staging a play - as an experiment I just wanted to see how it would turn out. So I came on as one of the executive producers - I was actually shooting South of Hell, the TV show, so I was unable to be there during the shoot. And I saw the cut and thought that what Travis did was so smart - he kept the original script, but he changed the deaths, so all the kills are different. You don't know how they're going to come. I was watching it, and he didn't tell me that he did that and I was so happy he did - because nobody wants to see a re-do that's the same thing that they already know. So he leads you in one direction, with the audience thinking that the know what's coming, then puts a fantastic spin on it. And it looks awesome - it's a really fun movie. I'm happily surprised at how it's turned out.

Zu guter Letzt ging es noch um seinen Film Green Inferno, der bereits ein Releasedate hatte, dann aber wieder zurückgezogen wurde. Und selbst Eli Roth scheint nicht genau zu wissen, wann genau der Film nun endlich veröffentlicht wird, bleibt aber hartnäckig, genau das voranzutreiben.

No there's not, but I will say this. All I hear on Twitter and Facebook - no matter what I Tweet now, people say 'Yeah shut up, where's Green Inferno?' Trust me when I say there are no less than four lawyers from different companies on conference calls and email chains every single day trying to work this out. I was hoping to have it resolved today or by Monday so we could do something to hopefully have it out this summer. That's what everyone's working towards. To have it out August or September. But I was 90 days out from a release, there was a trailer and posters in theatres, and it got pulled. So please don't hold me to anything, but trust me when I say everybody is all over it working it out. We're at the one-yard line, but I've also been there before so I don't want to say anything, but I just thank everyone for their patience and understanding. And it really helps when people Tweet 'Please release it, please release it' - it keeps the fire burning, but everyone is working to resolve it.

Das ganze Interview mit Eli Roth könnt ihr hier lesen. Es gibt noch weitaus mehr zu entdecken, wenn Roth über gruselige Clowns und Stephen King-Verfilmungen spricht.

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