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- Version 1.2 Update Information
1. Supported Easy Mode
2. Supported Fast Game Speed Mode (x1.5, x2)

- Version 1.1 Update Information
1. Supported high resolution for iPhone 4/4S
2. Units to speed up
3. Korean language support
4. Improve user requests

- Reviews
“DvO is creative. Although it seems a small game, but it’s very puzzle, enjoyable, challenging, retro-styled. People who think is the most clever of the world can try it. It won’t depress you - best10app.com”

- Synopsis
In a dark world, power hungry the Dark Lord Rat uses hypnotized Orcs as he embarks on a mission of world conquest. His influence is spreading through the world as villages of Dwarves are sacked at an alarming rate. Finally, the Dwarves form a resistance to fight off the invading Orcs.

- Game Mode
1. Dwarf Adventure Mode includes 7 stages, 6 levels per stage, 42 levels.
2. You may start Orc Adventure Mode after all levels of Dwarf Adventure Mode are cleared.
3. Quick Play Mode is unlocked when Orc Adventure Mode is cleared

- Unit
1. Dwarfs: Workers, Warriors, Archers, Mages, Shield units, etc. (all 29 units)
2. Orcs: Wokers, Warriors, Archers, Mages, Shield units, etc. (all 27 units)
3. Stage Unit: Each of the 7 units will appear in specific stages and attacks players’ units.
4. Skill Unit: Light, Fire, Wind, Magic Lamp, etc., are useful for game play.

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