Cambodia: Cheap Chinese Mobile Phones dominating.

While more and more Cambodian people are seen carrying expensive mobile phones like iPhone 4, more and more Chinese phones has been penetrating mobile market in the Kingdom.

Cambodia: Cheap Chinese Mobile Phones dominating.

Cheap Chinese mobile phones with all features. Shop in Street 13, Phnom Penh

All features phones for 30 $.

At the price of about $30, a Chinese phone is featured with, mp3, karaoke, radio, Internet access, camera, radio, TV, and double sim card trays. Of course, none of branded smart phones including iPhones have such amazing functions.

In Cambodia, original iPhone 4 costs over 600 USD, but with an exactly alike appearance, a Chinese iPhone featuring touchscreen, mp3 and mp4 player, radio, camera, two dual SIM tray, and live TV costs less than 40 USD.

Cambodia: Cheap Chinese Mobile Phones dominating.

Cheap Chinese mobile phones.

More than one mobile phone.

In Cambodia it is common that one person holds more than one mobile phone since there is a strong competition. Users are taking advantage of bonus, free on-network minutes, or pre-loaded credit. Some people find it is disturbing to carry several phones, so they decide to buy a Chinese phone that can operate three networks at once. But none of the high-profile-brand phones could operate 3 SIM like the Chinese one.

Phones shops around textile and garment factories are seen displaying only colorful Chinese phones with same look as genuine Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, LG, iPhone, Samsung, and etc. To textile workers, most of them are young women, Chinese phones have the decent price for their income.

Boom since 2000.

Mobile phones in Cambodia boomed in the first decade of 2000. Nokia at the time dominated the kingdom mobile market until several years ago when other brands split the market.

Around 7 million active users.

While nearly 30% of the 14 million population live in less that one dollar per day, Cambodia, according to the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, has over 14 million subscribers, but networks operators admit that less than half of those maybe active users. There are 8 networks in the Kingdom with GDP per capita of over 800 USD, and a ninth will soon enter the market.

Cheap phone trend also in Europe and Switzerland.

It looks like that 2012 will became the year of cheap phones in Europe, too. This is due to the worsening economic situation in most of European countries.

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