2017 – you’ve been good.

Can you believe that we are already half way through January? Somehow I haven't fully realized yet that we are actually in 2018 and the last months of the past year went by in what felt like a blink of an eye. It was super quiet here in the recent weeks. Ok fair enough, it has been quiet here actually for months. For various reasons which I don't want to bore you with (read: I was busy enjoying life & working)! Since I'm not really one to make ground breaking New Year's Resolution each year and my list mainly comprises the same items like the ones of most likely 90% of the western population, I thought the beginning of the new year is the perfect excuse to tell you about how my life in 2017 has looked like instead.
As you know, 2016 was all about finishing Uni before I packed my bag pack and left on an amazing trip around the world. I've collected so many amazing memories and experiences, that I still smile and feel an instant relief of happiness inside me when I think about my trip. I came back and started my first proper full-time job at the end of the year. So, what was 2017 all about? If I were to put one word next to it, it would be growth. I feel like I have grown in so many ways during the last 12 months, which makes me super happy and pretty proud at myself. Let's split this post in three main categories: London, Life, Work.

2017 – you’ve been good. 2017 – you’ve been good.

It's hard to believe that it's been already almost a year and a half since I moved back to my favourite European city. So much has changed since I moved here back in September and I couldn't be more excited to see what the future holds for me. I have mentioned in countless times but London is my favourite place in the world. Whenever I leave the city, even if it's just for a weekend, the moment I step out of the train I feel genuinely happy. While I was super nervous about taking my job and moving back to London (and this time around without my best friend), I know for sure now that is was 100% the right decision. This place has so much to offer, it sometimes feels overwhelming. Almost every week a new hip restaurant opens its doors, a new art installation is being shown and somewhere there's always an amazing party to go. When I first moved back, I always had plans scheduled way before the weekend even has started. There was a constant fear of missing out something, somewhere. Throughout the year, I realized sometimes a weekend binge watching Netflix or losing myself in a great book with no plans at all feels amazing and is absolutely OK to do. I think I actually arrived and feel happy about calling London my home.

2017 – you’ve been good. 2017 – you’ve been good. 2017 – you’ve been good. 2017 – you’ve been good.

You might wonder why mentioning the category „Life" just made it second. Simple reason is that my life changed a lot by moving to London. I have met so many incredible persons in 2017 and met friends that feel like family. We've laughed endless hours and cried together, took weekend trips, support each other and we danced many many nights away... London is a place that attracts so many interesting individuals from all over the world, and having found a few that I'm able to call my friends makes me feel so thankful. Currently, there's no other place I would wish to call home. Looking at the future, I'm not sure what life holds for me. If I stay or if I leave or move somewhere else has yet to be decided. Even though I'm dreading to say the word, I think I've picked up a routine when it comes to life. A good one that still holds surprises every now and then. I have even managed to create a routine around working out and staying active, which I started really to like. While being on vacation, it hit me: I'm genuinely happy with my life and they way I work on designing a life that I'm excited about to live. If I were to conclude, I would say my life in 2017 was full of unexpected experiences and many first times. I left my comfort zone so many times that it shifted, it somehow widened.

2017 – you’ve been good. 2017 – you’ve been good.

Last but not least: work, work, work. Have you ever thought about how much time of your life you will end up working? Take a second to think about it, did it hit you yet? It's a LOT.
So how was my first year as part of the working force? It was pretty good and if you ask me for an honest answer: I love my job. Why's that you might ask? So here we go: because it's a constant challenge, every day is a learning, I get to work with and meet the smartest and most interesting people. But most of all, I love the job because it somehow feels fulfilling to me. I'm not saving anyone's life and I don't necessarily help improve anyone's life through my job, but I came to realize that I find great joy in using the full power of my brain. I love working hard and seeing the results of it, I love to see how I've started to improve personally and professionally. Would I have guessed that when I first started? Probably not. I was actually super nervous the night before my first day at work. I was always scared to end up in a job that I go to because I somehow have to make a living instead of having a job I enjoy going to. In the last months I have realized I'm lucky because I found something I like doing. Is it something I will enjoy until I retire? Maybe, maybe not. The only thing I can say with certainty is that right now it feels 100% like the right job.

*pictures by Rebecca Chivers