2013 was….

…winging. Maybe this sounds too pathetic, but basically, this is how it was. You are aiming at something. Some goals I have achieved, others not. Some goals were retrogressive, for why I removed even more from my birth weight. But I have also achieved goals, obtained opportunities that I would not even have dared dreaming of. I now have a job. Before, I had already imagined that it is a nice thing to have a job, to earn the own money, to have a task, but it took me until then to realize that an employment revives the soul, although I have applied everywhere in Düsseldorf last year according to my perception. Everything that I could reach, everywhere where I could get in. And in the mean time it seemed very grim. I already saw myself in a continuous loop of attending occupational retrainings. Without traineeship, no graduation. At that time I did not even think about being hired. Moreover, I got the opportunity of this mouthpiece and I did not know where the path of my blog would lead me, and honestly, neither now do I. But maybe this fact is also an other opportunity to not get stuck but to develop even more.


2013 was maybe special, but basically, since some time I have noticed that I cannot complain. For example, when you have a look at my son who is growing and prospering. And although I grumble a lot and have high expectations, I know that after all I have luck and cannot query that much. I also gained new perspectives through the assistance concept which enables me to live self- determined according to my conceptions. Meanwhile I believe that nothing seems impossible. And still, there is a lot to achieve. Actually, and now accountancy is speaking out of me, a lot in life is like dealing with accounts. You can pay them directly, to deal with them and, consequently, optimize the contribution. If you leave them half- done, you do not have to wonder about them coming back in a cumulative form. When I started to tidy up several years ago, it was the easiest thing to pay the accounts. The figurative sense remained and I turned out to be too coward to deal with it. So even more was accumulated. At some time I had to admit that ignoring is no solution and some decisions had to be made. By now the process is not finished, but these grimaces of my past lose colour and do not determine me or my life. This situation teaches me endurance and that timely realizing and dealing with these problems would have saved pains.

What I wish in future. It would be exagerated to say that I am perfectly happy, but I hope that it will continue how 2013 began. Most of my wishes are somehow already tackled. Therefore, I rather hope that they will be realized and for my impatience’s sake hopefully quickly. Additionally, it would be nice to approach my birth weight again. I would like so much fitting my short clothes that I bought this year without tearing them apart. Of course, I wish for my blog that it mantains the current readership and wins more reader over, but I wish for it even more that it does not have to bring up a whole lot of patience with me. And for its readers I wish that they consciously appreciate and enjoy the new year and future.