Videopremiere: KELE – Guava Rubicon

Hier ist das neue KELE Video 'Guava Rubicon' aus dem am 08. November erscheinenden Album "2042",
in dem er den schwarzen Frauen in seiner Heimatstadt London Tribut zollt:

"I named this song 'Guava Rubicon' after my favourite soft drink but this song is a love letter to my favourite type of girls in the world; the black girls of London. The black woman is the most maligned figure in today's society and I wanted to make something that celebrated her smarts, her sexiness, and her magic. This video will always be beautiful for me as its simply two woman of colour who are in love, no tricks, no gimmicks, just love. Sadly this is a dynamic that I rarely see in represented in popular culture, so I wanted to represent as best I could."

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