Thank You Andrew – A Tribute To Andrew Weatherall by Aviran Shefer

01. Tracey Thorn - Sister (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
02. Confidence Man - Bubblegum (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
03. The Asphodells - A Love From Outer Space
04. Unloved - Guilty of Love (Andrew Weatherall Vocal Mix)
05. Hardway Brothers - Mania Theme (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
06. Wolfgang Press - 11 Years (Sabres Of Paradise Main Mix)
07. Meat Beat Manifesto - Psyche-Out (Sex Skank Mix By Andrew Weatherall)
08. Heretic - Pollux (Andrew Weatherall Japanese Import Mix)
09. Le Carousel - Lose Your Love (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
10. Solar Bears - Separate from the Arc (Andrew Weatherall Mix 2)
11. Primal Scream - Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
12. Slam - isions (Two Lone Swordsman Mix)
13. Sly & Lovechild - The World Accordign To Sly & Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul Of Europe Mix)
14. E.S.C. - The legacy (Andrew Weatherall mix)

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