Shale Gas: New study about Fracking

Media coverage of "fracking", the method used to extract shale gas, has been very negative in the last years.
Researchers at the University of Texas, Dr. Charles Groat and Dr. Thomas Grimshaw have now published an independent study that reveals hydraulic fracturing, or "Fracking", to be less dangerous to the environment than previously supposed. For the study, major shale plays in North America were examined, "Barnett" (Texas), "Marcellus" (Pennsylvania) and "Haynesville" (Louisiana).
Fracking was feared to be responsible for the contamination of ground water, but Groat's team of researchers could not find evidence at their testing areas.
Read a summary of the study (published February 15, 2012) here and click here for the whole report: Separating Fact from Fiction in Shale Gas Development.
Media coverage has been hitherto very negative (Source: Energy Institute, University of Texas at Austin)
Shale Gas: New study about Fracking