Rave is over: Temporary Spaces and After Show

Ausstellung Rave is over in Berlin (Foto: Maria am Ostbahnhof (c) Martin Eberle)In den 1990er Jahren war Techno eine prägende Musikrichtung, einige Berliner Clubs wie WMF, Galerie Berlintokyo oder Maria am Ostbahnhof waren legendär. Für einen Bildband hat der Fotograf Martin Eberle viele dieser – inzwischen weitgehend verschwunden oder veränderten – Veranstaltungsorte dokumentiert. Eine Ausstellung im Berliner “Gestalten Space” zeigt ab 14. Juli eine Auswahl der Aufnahmen.


Gestalten is proud to present a solo show by Martin Eberle that will feature photographs from his series Temporary Spaces and After Show.

Martin Eberle created his Temporary Spaces series in the 1990s—a time when clubs and quasi-clubs were helping to define the image of a reunited Berlin. Exactly ten years after Gestalten published the milestone book of the same name, select photography from this series as well as newer work from After Show will be shown at our Gestalten Space.

Spanning a period of 10 years, the stunning photographs of Temporary Spaces were the first to document the benchmark locations of Berlin’s then-burgeoning club scene as they really were. By radically reducing them to their empty spaces, juxtaposing run-down facades and lovingly crafted interiors with architectural brutality, Eberle has perfectly captured their now legendary, ramshackle hipness. Today, when nothing remains of these spaces and the musical pulse of the city has evolved, it is well worth a compelling look back at the improvised coolness that helped make Berlin the celebrated magnet for musical and other creative talent that it has become.

The show is also made up of images from the series After Show, which was born out of Eberle’s time helping to manage the quasi-club galerie berlintokyo, described by Vogue in 1997 as “the most modern basement in Europe.” In this position, Eberle got to know a generation of Berlin musicians that is increasingly determining the musical profile of the city today. He started his work on this ongoing series in 2004 out of a desire to document the role of these artists, some of whom have become friends, on stage and in our time. The portraits of performers including Peaches and Miss Kittin that make up After Show are taken immediately following a concert in any kind of room that can be found backstage. Eberle captures personal moments of excitement and turbulence, physical exhaustion, and the aftermath of excess with his large-format camera. The portraits created in this way are static and precise, but, because not everything that happens at the moment of exposure can be planned, simultaneously dynamic and surprising.

Quelle: gestalten.com

Der Fotograf

Martin Eberle was born in Augsburg in 1966. After founding the Süddeutsche Fotografenliga in 1986, he began studying photo design in Dortmund. Eberle moved to Berlin in 1992. There, he became one of the managers of the quasi-club galerie berlintokyo, worked for the magazine PAKT–Zeitschrift für Fotografie und Medienkunst, and taught at both the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam and the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, where he has been working toward his master’s degree in architecture and urban research since 2009.

Since 1998, Martin Eberle has worked for the Erratik Institut Berlin and, together with Carsten Eisfeld, manages Eberle & Eisfeld, a photography and graphic design studio. Since 1989, Eberle’s work has been shown in numerous exhibits in galleries and institutions in Berlin and other German cities.

- Website der Fotografen Eberle + Eisfeld

Der Bildband

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Wann und wo

Gestalten Space
Sophienstraße 21
10178 Berlin

14. Juli bis 7. August 2011
Eröffnung am 14. Juli 2011 von 18:00 bis 21:00 Uhr

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