Procrastination or semi- depression II - so which flower essences, which healing crystals?

After my last text about my current status of semi-depression or procrastination,  I really looked up my collection of healing crystals. As I take them without reading before now, and my  body tells me to take quite a lot, I now have a lot of stones in my bra ;). I'm pretty sure, most of them are indicated because of my unhealthy diet over the last 10 days...
But let's see:
  • Aquamarine (my allergy crystal, as I just successfully tapped against my peach allergy, this could 
  • Rubin Fuchsit Disthen
  • Chalcedony (not a surprise... this stone is always indicated if my body has to deal with too much sugar)
  • Magnesite 
  • Sardonyx
I have searched the internet and read about the healing crystals at Magnesite is my stone if I eat too fat, but as I just found out it should help to relax at the emotional side. Aquamarin, Rubin Fuchsit Disthen and Sardonyxs should all help with depression and Sardonyx helps with fear of the unknown and to grieve. As I always believe that my more-than-procrastination-problem has to do with what has happened in the past, I gonna try to grieve with EFT again. Won't be that easy, as I have worked on this in a three year psychotherapy...
Then I checked my flower essences. My body indicated the following flower essences of FES Californian Flower Essence:

Pink Yarrow was "my" flower essence some time ago. It is for people who tend to help others more than themselves and feel others pain too deep. It's interesting, that now, in my state of (semi-) depression, where I actually don't deal with this actually very deeply rooted problem as I don't care of anyone, but also don't care of myself it comes up again. I had gotten my former depression because of a burn out in being for someone else. Forgetting myself and just living for others is definitely one maybe the most unhealthy tendency of mine. Although I have learned to deal with it and (mostly) withdraw myself from friendships and all relationships I consider as "dangerous" in this case, I still feel, that I'm not strong enough to go a middle way. I mostly withdraw myself completely or give completely. This dilemma makes me very unhappy from time to time. And I just remember, that it brought me into a similar status like I have know very often. Well, this time, the trigger was something else.

Yarrow is also for the one with a deep bleeding wound. Something I experienced when I got depressive years ago.
Sealf Heal is a flower essence if someone lost the belief in himself. I would say, that's what happened to me. I gave up and didn't do something to make me feel better for almost two weeks!
Tansy had once catched my eye because of this text. The woman who tells her story said about this flower essence "Emotional overwhelm is a real issue for me. And this phrase has really stuck in my head — "they energetically downshift as an avoidance mechanism for emotional coping and distancing." I often feel that depression IS an energetic downshift. You do it because you can't handle the feeling. So I have foundTansyis remarkable". That's exactly what I think. 
Then from the classic Bach Flower Essences (I use Healing Herbs)
  • Sweet Chestnut (Depression, Feeling that there is no way out, fear of new beginning)
  • Holly (Frustration, Fear of getting cheated)
  • Agrimony (don't show what's inside of me - well, I think if I would, I would know what's my problem now)
  • Centaury (always want to help others, the wish of others is stronger than my own)
  • Wild Oat (Crisis, lost of orientation, don't know how to change)
And Apple of Findhorn Essences (should help to set goals and reach them)and Date of Spirit in Nature Essences (easily irritated, unpleasant to be around; inhospitality) 
So, as Centaury and Pink Yarrow are both for people who take others as more important as themselves, I decide to take only Pink Yarrow. The additional aspect of being wounded seems to be interesting here.
When I wanted to take it, I realized, that it was my first time I wanted to take Date. Although the bottle had shown me, that I need it, it was empty! It wasn't sealed properly. Quite disappointing as I've ordered this one directly from the US. 

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