Primark Haul

Primark HaulPrimark Haul
blue ballerinas - 6.00 €
black ballerinas - 5.00 €
blue sandals - 15.00 €
bag - 12.00 €
grey shirt - 8.00 €
blue blouse - 13.00 €
beach towel- 7.00 €

I shopped at PRIMARK Essen on Wednesday. I mainly searched for some shoes and shirts. I was a little bit disappointed because they hadn't so many things I like. It was very hot weather but when I arrived in Essen it started to rain and thunder. And I'm always a little bit afraid of thunderstorms.
Nonetheless, I'm feeling sick and having a sore throat today. I hope it will be better until tomorrow. I have to go to IKEA for my grandmother to buy some lamps.
Maybe I will post an IKEA Haul this Weekend but It will be my last Haul for a long time.

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