MOTHER004 - Max Buschfeld - Times New Romance & Home

MOTHER004 - Max Buschfeld - Times New Romance & HomeNachdem Mother Recordings mit ihrem letzten Release bereits einen großen Wurf gelandet haben, schickt sich das junge Berliner Label mit dem Release von Max Buschfeld an, genau da weiter zu machen wo sie aufgehört haben. Times New Romance & Home heißt das Release und neben den beiden Original Tracks befinden sich jeweils ein Remix von Rhadow & NTFO sowie El_Txef_A & Fiakun Team auf dem Release.

Mother Recordings 004

Wow, die jungs machen nicht da weiter wo sie aufgehört haben, sondern setzten mit dem Times New Romance & Home noch richtig einen oben drauf. Von Max Buschfeld habe ich bisher noch nichts gehört, ich hoffe das auf diese EP noch weitere folgen, denn mit dem Track Times New Romance findet die EP einen bezaubern deepen und dennoch groovigen Jackin House Track, verträumt und dennoch perkussiv. Rhadow & NTFO spielen mit der Nummer, machen sie noch deeper, mit einer ordentlichen Portion Pop. Home ist der Kracher auf der EP schlechthin, einer meiner Lieblingspopsong-Samples wurde hier verwendet und daraus eine Peaktime Nummer geschraubt bei der man auf dem Floor am liebsten die Hände in die Luft reißen würde um mit einem Grinsen durch die Luft zu springen. El_Txef_A & Fiakun Team, machen es in ihrem Remix ganz anders, wunderschöner Deep House mit einem Piano bei dem man die Augen schließen kann um glücklich vor sich hin zu Träumen.
Was für eine großartige EP, das wird ein Hit!

LABEL: Mother Recordings
CAT #: 004
RELEASE DATE: 01.08.2012

1. A1. MAX BUSCHFELD - "Times New Romance" (Original Mix)
2. A2. MAX BUSCHFELD - "Times New Romance" (RHADOW meets NTFO Remix),
3. B1. MAX BUSCHFELD - "Home" (Original Mix), Snippet | MOTHER004

Release info:Don’t be mistaken by our newest family member’s modest ways, his well-mannered aloofness, his unagitated presence. Max Buschfeld’s inner calm not only makes him glow from the outside, it all the more makes him bring out some very individual and imaginative sounds and melodies. Being capable of putting together a diversity that range from his passion for piano cascades and modulated synthies to his musical fundament of Nu Chicago House. So, for Mother Recordings 004 Max came up with two very elegant and subtle tracks that surprise with affecionate details and make him stand out from the crowd.

A1. Times New Romance (Original) 
It’s the long build-up with its sexiness coming from the sweet breathing and whispering and moaning of some enigmatic female vocal that makes Time New Romance a thrilling tune full of tension from the very first sounds of a playful and funky bass line. Adding a dreamy quirky melody of acid reminiscent synthie chords Max Buschfeldshows off the broad spectrum of his creativity, his visionary skills of producing finest Future House.

A2. Times New Romance (Rhadow & NTFO Remix)
Haven’t heard the sounds of Bukarest yet? Well, that’s exactly where we went looking for new underground talents. Rhadow & NTFO have been busy building up the house scene in Romania for the last couple of years and have come up with some very functional and therefore quite effective and sophisticated club- and dance music. They added some crispy claps to the track and made it a whole lot edgier with sharp piano hits and a groove that moves a couple of gears up.

B1. Home (Original Mix) 
The title of the flipside of Mother004 might just convey one of the central elements our label is about: The feeling of being exactly where you want to be, the warmth and the comfort of the here and now. Why go home when home is exactly where you are? When the perfect moment is here, on the dancefloor, in a track, in a beautiful pair of mysterious eyes on the other end of the room? This is a track for these magnetic moments of the night. “I just want to go home”, sings a laconic voice in a cool 80s sound esthetic while the hypnotic beat tells you: Why would you? How could you? Stay hungry for more. Stay!

B2.  Home (El_Txef_A & Fiakun Team Remix)
It must have to do with being Basque: Nothing about this tune is what you expect it to be. El_Txef_A & Fiakun Team, after John Talabot and Pional the next hot export from Spain, are a pair of musical libertines, delivering a free spirited remix that is one of a kind, be it for the classical piano and flute elements that have a spheric loungy feel to it, be it for the way they pitch the vocal and split it into pieces that they carefully reassemble to create a whole new little world around it. This is music for aficionados, romantic in a non-cheesy way.

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