Little Flower English Medium School Ranganpalke (Kanajar) shines in SSLC exams with cent percent results

Ranganapalke, May 19: At a time when English Medium education is perceived by parents across the country as the necessity to be competitive in the global employment market, Karnataka State and in particular coastal districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi known for quality education are leading by far in the number of English Medium Schools mushrooming year after year. Despite constant pressure from regional linguistic activists, the phenomenon continues inevitably.Little Flower English Medium School Ranganpalke (Kanajar) shines in SSLC exams with cent percent resultsCommercial viability and modern facilities drive most investors in the education sector to Urban cities causing the influx of the effluent rural students with their parents to cities in search of quality English Medium Education. Consequently, most urban cities are bursting with population rendering the rural villages economically unviable for inhabitation. It is this uncontrolled management of education sector that has polarized the population. For a sensible thinking, investment in rural areas can be encouraged by offering attractive subsidies and aids for selected non-profit Institutions.
Little Flower English Medium School located in the midst of lush green fields of Eliyal near the rural town of Ranganpalke, of Kowdoor Village, Karkala Taluk, Udupi District is a revolutionary brainchild of a visionary Mr. Lawrence Saldanha hailing from the very same land where the campus is currently located. It was an experiment to prove that quality education can be made available for rural population to dissuade them from migrating to cities.
Established in the year 2003, the institution has gone through tough challenges in the management as well as in earning the confidence of local people. Along with quality education for the local population, it was also the aspiration of the founder to extend the service for humanitarian cause of resident education for abandoned orphan children. In pursuance of the same, the founder decided to transfer the institution with required land to Seon Ashram Trust Gandibagilu Belthangady all for free. Hence Mr. U. C. Paulose, Management Trustee of Seon Ashram took over as the Chairman of Glarida Education Trust and merged the institution in the year 2008. The institution has since grown multilaterally with remarkable achievements.
Little Flower English Medium School Ranganpalke (Kanajar) shines in SSLC exams with cent percent results
Little Flower English Medium School Ranganpalke (Kanajar) shines in SSLC exams with cent percent resultsOne such glittering landmark achievement of the Institution has come to the public arena in the form of 100% result in the just concluded SSLC exams conducted by the State Board. Despite the fact that some of the students came from Kannada Medium Schools, the faculty of teachers, the students and parents worked round the clock to ensure that the maiden batch of SSLC from the Institution emerged with flying colors. While the Star of the Institution, Raksha Salian top scored with 95.84%, 90% of the students came first class and remaining 10% came near first class.
"I have never in my entire life been so happy and satisfied as I am today because the School which I love more than my own life has brought the laurel of 100% result in the maiden SSLC batch" says the emotionally charged founder Mr. Lawrence Saldanha. "My dream has come true, my experiment has succeeded and the future of the Institution is bright. I will remain indebted to Mr. U. C Paulose, the faculty of teachers, students and parents for their relentless efforts in achieving this remarkable feat" he concludes.