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Why do we need to know about enligh­ten­mens natu­re – how it is? As it is at all times com­p­let­ly beyond the con­cep­tual mind, we could deci­de to be wit­hout any model of it. Thus Buddha spo­ke in many sour­ces mere­ly as a nega­ti­on about it: It is no sound, no imma­ge, no mind and so on. But still in the Tan­tras we find some direct expres­si­ons about the sta­te of a Buddha. If you ask me why, I would say the­re is two rea­sons: One is not to fall into nihi­list con­cepts about “Emp­ti­ness”. The other is to long for it.

In the so cal­led “pure land schools” connec­ted with Buddha Ami­t­abha it is said that alo­ne to have devo­ti­on to Ami­t­abha and to long for being reborn in his pure land might be even enaugh to bring us the­re.

Still- it depends how we under­stand “devo­ti­on”. I’m qui­te cer­tain that devo­ti­on in this con­text refers to total devo­ti­on, all encom­pas­sing devo­ti­on, the one that makes you long for not­hing else, to be sacri­fi­cing eve­r­y­t­hing else for it. Having said this, let’s have a clo­ser look at the tea­ching on the three Buddha Bodies, that tell us about enligh­tend rea­li­ty.


The Dhar­ma­ka­ya ( Body of rea­li­ty) is the ulti­ma­te dimen­si­on of enligh­ten­ment. Pre­ci­ce­ly defi­ned it is the uni­on of emp­ti­ness and Awa­re­ness in the sta­te of infinit bliss. This means that Awa­re­ness ent­i­re­ly per­va­des the space of rea­li­ty and that the ener­geti­call out­burst of this uni­on is the tota­li­ty of bliss..

The great tea­cher and scho­lar­Jam­gong Kong­trul, who has an oce­an­li­ke under­stan­ding of the com­p­le­te tea­chings of the Buddhas wri­tes about the Dhar­ma­ka­ya:

“The kaya that is the uni­ty of unchan­ging bliss and emp­ti­ness endo­wed with the most sub­li­me of all attri­bu­tes con­sti­tu­tes the mind vaj­ra or Dhar­ma­ka­ya”.

He con­ti­nu­es:

“This is the non­dual uni­ty of bliss and emp­ti­ness, of time­less awa­re­ness of emp­ti­ness and of natu­ral sup­re­me bliss in full evi­den­ce”.

The basic space of rea­li­ty is cal­led “Dhar­ma­da­tu”.But when we speak of the dimen­si­on of the ulti­ma­te uni­on of bliss, emp­ti­ness and awa­ren­es­sit it is cal­led Dhar­ma­ka­ya.In this way the same ulti­ma­te sta­te is exa­mi­ned and defi­ned dif­fer­ent­ly regards dif­fe­rent qua­li­ties of the ulti­ma­te; Buddha Natu­re, Shunya­ta (Emp­ti­ness), Dhar­ma­da­tu, realm of Aka­nish­ta, Natu­re of Mind, Saman­t­ab­ha­d­ra and so on- they all refer to the same enligh­tend rea­li­ty.

Jan­gon Kong­trul tea­ches about the ulti­ma­te Buddhas, Saman­t­ab­ha­d­ra Saman­t­ab­hadri in this dimen­si­on:

“In this loca­ti­on the tea­cher is the pri­mor­dial Lord Saman­t­ab­ha­d­ra ( and Lady Saman­t­ab­hadri) , Him­self the essen­ce of self ari­sen awa­re­ness, the natu­re of rea­li­ty that tran­cends acti­vi­ty and effort, forefa­ther (and fore­mo­ther) of all Buddhas and sover­eign splen­dor of all the wheel of live and tran­cen­dant sta­tes. His cir­c­le of dis­ci­p­les ( the other Buddhas) is His ( and Her’s) unob­struc­ted mani­fest esx­pres­si­on- oce­an like cir­c­les of enligh­ten­ment’s bodies and wis­dom, appea­ring as any­t­hing what­soe­ver”.

Jam­gong Kong­trul con­ti­nu­es:

“Known as ever Exel­lent (Buddha Saman­t­ab­ha­d­ra) ,mas­ter of all the wheel of live and trans­cen­dant sta­tes, He far trans­cends mere emp­ti­ness alo­ne, wich is taught by adher­ents to cau­se-based spi­ri­tual ways.


The Sam­bo­gah­ka­ya ( Enjoy­ment Dimen­si­on) is the self mani­fest dimen­si­on of dis­tinct Buddha bodies. Here the sixth tea­cher, Vajra­da­ra ( the form mani­fe­sta­ti­on of Saman­t­ab­ha­d­ra) tea­ches the Lords an Ladies of the five Buddha fami­lies. They appear mani­fest as the glow of Awa­re­ness wis­dom. In thuis dimen­si­on eve­ry aspect of Sam­sa­ra has a pure expres­si­on as the male and fema­le dei­ties and all of this is expi­r­ein­ced by the Buddhas in the sta­te of bliss sup­re­me. In the per­spec­ti­ve of Buddha’s omni­s­ci­en­se all of Nir­va­na ( enligh­ten­ment) and Sam­sa­ra ( cir­c­le of delu­det mani­fe­sta­ti­ons) is ent­i­re­ly the sta­te of all the Buddha’s, the expres­si­on of wis­dom and infinit bliss, the great uni­on of EVAM of all the male and fema­le dei­ties

Jam­gong Kong­trul exp­lai­nes about this realms:

” As asta­ted here, just as the cata­lyst of sun­light reveals a chri­s­tal’s inner five colou­red light, when the sup­re­me body of ulti­ma­te enligh­te­nemnt’s inner lumoi­no­si­ty (…) unfolds in it’s self mami­fest domain as out­ward­ly appea­ring lumi­no­si­ty, it’s wis­dom’s appea­ring aspects dep­loy in an ema­na­ted array of enligh­ten­ment’s immea­su­ra­b­le bodies and realms wit­hin a place of rap­tu­rous enjoy­ment.(…)

(Here) Buddha Ilu­mi­na­tor Great Gla­cial lake (Buddha Vai­ro­cha­na) holds a lotus stam in His palm. On each of the petalls and sta­ments gro­wing from it, twen­ty five ( subt­le ) realms rise in levels. Below his cros­sed legs infini­te streams of scen­ted water flow; in each of this are six­ty realms. In zhem are the five wis­dom fami­lies Vic­tors array­ed in unco­un­ta­b­le num­bers, (…) epiti­mos of an oce­an of the marks and signs of Buddha’s phy­si­kal per­fec­ti­on, enjoying their ever­las­ting, con­ti­nuous pan­ora­ma.”

All this realms are com­p­le­te­ly beyound the per­cep­ti­on of sen­ti­ent beings and not even tenth Bhu­mi Boddhi­sat­vas can expi­ri­en­ce this rea­li­ty of Dhar­ma­ka­ya and the hig­hest Sam­bo­ga­ka­ya, wich is alo­ne the Buddha’s domain.

This aspect of Buddha’s bliss and dif­fe­rent bodies is of grea­test import­an­ce, as some peop­le teach, that Buddha’s mani­fest for sen­ti­ent beings sake alo­ne; but fol­lo­wing this visi­on of the Dhar­ma­ka­ya and Sam­bo­ga­ka­ya, the­re is enligh­tent rea­li­ty wich is pure­ly for the Buddhas infinit plea­su­re. This is tre­men­dous­ly important, as fol­lo­wing this visiona­ry tea­chings the goal of exis­ten­ce is not to extin­gu­ish into not­hing­ness, as some do under­stand the Dhar­ma, but the tota­li­ty of infinit ple­aus­re fore eterni­ty.

Just below the sup­re­me Sam­bo­ga­ka­ya realms the­re is pure­lands for tenth Bumi Boddhi­sat­vas, in wich the great rea­li­ty of the Dhar­ma­ka­ya and hig­hest Sam­bo­ga­ka­ya unfolds in a sym­bo­lic form wich can be com­pre­hen­det only by this hig­hest class of Boddhi­sat­vas.


The radi­ant mani­fe­sta­ti­on of the Buddhas in the domain of ordi­na­ry beings per­cep­ti­on is the Nir­ma­n­a­ka­ya eman­ti­ons like Buddha Shakya­mu­ni. They mani­fest as soon as the kar­ma of peop­le has the kar­mic puri­ty to meet a ful­ly enligh­tend Buddha. It is said that Nir­ma­n­a­ka­ya Buddhas do even mani­fest also as ina­ni­ma­te sub­stan­ces as sac­red imma­ges, fine man­si­ons, gar­dens wish ful­fil­ling trees, boats, brid­ges or medi­ci­ne.

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