How to Get Back Your Hacked Facebook Account

     Now a days Facebook account was hacked very easily and many people fall as victims to the hackers.They use most sophisticated methods to do that.This article will explain how to restore your hacked Facebook account.
    Before loosing your hope, You can try some methods to restore your account.
    First try to change your password of your Facebook account, but in most of the cases it won't helps, because the hackers will change your default email address on the Facebook after the hack. For some cases it will helps. Then you can restore your account.
    If this step doesn't work means, it will became more worse to restore your account back.
    Facebook provides a page to restore your hacked Facebook account in this link This will take to account compromised page.
How to Get Back Your Hacked Facebook Account     After clicking the My Account Is Compromised like, it will takes you to  Identify your account page. In that you can fill in your name and your's friends name. It will make your account to restore back. If this step also doesn't helps. Click the link "I can't identify my account".
How to Get Back Your Hacked Facebook Account     It takes you to the next page, which you need to fill the particulars and then submit to Facebook. Currently Facebook doesn't gives personalized support for this, But i will check if there is any bug in the Facebook system.

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