Der bei Boys Noize Records beheimatete Housemeister hat sein Album “Music is Awesome” als Preview auf die Soundcloud geladen. Und was man da so hören kann, lässt einen auf jeden Fall gespannt ,auf sein quasi drittes, am 30 Mai erscheinendes Album warten.
Bei mir wird er aber auf jeden Fall mal auf die “sollte ich dann mal Live sehen” Liste gesetzt ….

“Everybody better bring some towels, because Housemeister is about to soak the world in electro champagne. Presenting his third full length music, the dirty don of club music did it again. Touching ravers hearts and hitting ravers right on their heads at the same time. In arts, good ideas are hard to have, but easy to get – masterful musical output is pretty hard to create, but once it’s done, it’s about pure listening pleasure. And with a thousand shitty drugs flooding the streets of music today, it isn’t everyday you get to consume the 100% stuff.

“Music Is Awesome” is that shit that’s straight from the kitchen, and Housemeister has produced this bitch to the point like a 5 star chef. It seems playing clubs and crowds all over the world do add to a player’s game. Add class and confidence. Add experience and excellence, add balls as well as balance, and maybe it just takes 15 years of hardcore DJdom to be able to come out and kill like this.

MUSIC IS AWESOME! Could any phrase be more simple and true? Could any DJ come up with a better beatdown of arty-farty music chit chat, nipping critics in the bud just like that!? And how could someone who’s played a million records maintain such compass and focus? The answer isn’t made of words, of course. The answer is alive whenever awesome music is playing and nobody listening gives two shits about anything else in the world. When the moment is made of music, that’s when Housemeister is happy. That’s what dance music is for. That’s what makes you dance in the first place. And that’s what Housemeister put on this record.

Stark find ich auch das der Allzweckmechaniker der elektronischen Musik zu jedem seiner Songs ein Statement abgegeben hat, welches ich euch nicht vorenthalten möchte …


01. INTRO 1.10min
A beautiful Arpeggiosynthesizer, filled with vocal snippets which welcome you to the world of Housemeister

02. HIRSCHKEULE 3.52min
1,2,3, hey! That´s the slogan for the dancefloor crazy. A powerful analog bassline, a „punch in your face“ kickdrum and some hey,hey´s… just ready to dance!

03. MUSIC IS AWESOME 4.27min
This track was the first finished track in the beginning of 2010, it also gives the album its name and the idea for an album. The „Music Is Awesome“ voices are programmed with the voice synthesizer of my Elektron Monomachine and it feels like an oldschool electro track with very nice melodies, like I-F, Artist Unknown or maybe Kraftwerk.

04. RAPIDE 4.57min
Rapide is a very forwardstepping, 80ties influenced dancetrack, with a melodic acidbassline, like Gigolo Records in good times, some nice strings and synthesizervocals again. Dont stop dancing!

05. FEED THE ROBOTS 3.57min

06. REALITY SUCKS 1.10min
A short fill-in track with electronic voice and lyrics from an e-mail conversation about a really shitty day at the university.

07. SOMMER 4.50min
Awesome meloldies together with a tight kickdrum, recorded in a livesession on a 35 celcius degree day last summer in Berlin. I was sweating, nearly naked just with underpants and sunglasses in my studio. This track is the mirror of this day.

08. TWISTER 3.20min
One of my favorite dancetrack on this album. The best tracks need just a short timeperiod to make. I think I finished it after 3 hours in a livesession.
I play this track very often and the crowd is going crazy.

09. nBaxx 3.30min FEAT. BOYS NOIZE
This track is taken from our „Shizzo“ EP. For this, Alex and me meet some days in my studio, recording a lot of my machines and synthesizers. Then we finished the trax in his studio, without nBaxx. This track we finished in our holidays on Sardinia Island just on the laptop. It´s a straight electro track, with dirty breaks and very good for breakdancing ;)

I already recorded this sample ‘filtersession’, but the track wasn’t ready and I had no more ideas how to finish it. The mastering date came closer and I just had 2 days left. So I asked my friend Jan Driver, if he can help me out. He loved the track and everything was easy.

11. ADY GIL 4.20min
I love this bassline, old fashioned with new clothes and as I programmed these wonderful melody, I was going crazy and happy, jumped around in my studio, called some friends to show that track on the telefon. Then I just pressed the record button to finalize it. But what the fuck is Ady Gil? Google it on picture search ;)

The Sad Little Robotmen… Sorry but he don’t have feelings, he is never happy and never sad, but he wants to be. Please show him love. A short fillin’ again.

13. SAVERAVE 4.09min
This day I remember good enough, Boys Noize came by my studio, and I showed him some nice features of the Octatrack. He used the pitchknob on a vocalsample to pitch it down. It was unbelievable! The voice now is saying: Save Rave! and sounds like tousands of people say it in a stadion.

14. CLARISSE 4.00min
The last track on this album was also the last finalized track I made for ‘Music Is Awesome’. A melody again, combined with a distorted 808. A track to fly with and recorded in one piece! That was awesome =)

Und seinen Track “raindrops on fire” gibt es auch noch zu Download

Housemeister – raindrops on fire by housemeister



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