Hack Run ZERO

Hack Run ZEROi273, LLC Kostenlose iPhone App Version: 1.1 Größe: 4 MB Sprachen: Englisch GRATIS


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It’s time for ANOTHER Hack Run!

Hack Run ZERO is FREE for a very limited time! We hope you enjoy it!

Note: Hack Run ZERO is a prequel to the app ‘Hack RUN’. You should try the free version ‘Hack RUN free’ before starting this game.

Test your skills again as you hack your way through strange and secretive organizations to discover their hidden agendas! Hack Run ZERO uses old school prompts (like dos and unix) to help you navigate from system to system. As you access users’ accounts, you’ll discover more and more about the organizations and the people that work there.

Your adventure begins when you receive a disturbing ransom note about a loved one. Your only way to set them free is to follow the kidnapper’s shady demands. Once again your mission is to penetrate the maze of computer accounts through the use of your hacking skills. The stakes run high as you uncover more and more of the enemy’s diabolical plan; and with over 70 levels there’s no guessing how it will all end!

Note: an internet connection is required to access all portions of this game.

Stuck on a level? Just use the hints or answers tool to move on.

Hack Run ZERO is a game. It is not a tool or aid for learning how to hack into real computer systems. i273, LLC does not endorse hacking.


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