Google Now: Alle Sprachbefehle im Überblick

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Veröffentlicht am Mai 6th, 2013 | von Ulrich Esch

Google Now: Alle Sprachbefehle im Überblick

Der mit Android 4.1 Jelly Bean präsentiere Life-Assistent Google Now kann mittlerweile auf jede Menge Befehle reagieren. Egal ob die Frage nach dem Wetter, einem Ort oder die Erinnerung an eine Aufgabe. Mit den richtigen Fragen bzw. Anweisungen ist Google Now ein nützliches Instrument, das seine vollen Möglichkeiten noch nicht annähernd ausgeschöpft hat.

Auf diesem Blog ist eine Übersicht aller bisher bekannten Sprachbefehle erfasst und zusammengetragen. Die Liste ist zwar in englischer Sprache verfasst, die meisten Befehle sollten aber auch auf Deutsch funktionieren.

Die Sprachbefehle im Überblick:

Remind me to (task) in (time). // Note to self _______.
Set alarm/timer for (time a.m. / p.m.), label ______. // Wake me up in (time).

Call the (place) in (location)
Text “contact name” “message”
Send email to ______, subject ____, message _______.
Schedule ________ on ________. (event / day)
Listen to/Play/Show me (song)
What’s this song. (ID’s Song Currently Playing)
Youtube ______.
(Contact Name) —> shows contact card
(Business) in (Location)
What are the hours for ____? (Business)
Navigate/directions/Take me to ______. (by…. foot/car/etc)
How far is (place) from (location)?
How far is (place) from my location?
Where is (place/business) in (location)
Nearest (place/business).
Map of ________.
Go to/Open (URL).
Navigate me home. (Make sure your location is set in latitude and also in the ‘me’ contact)
Show times for (movie).
Show me local movie times.
Youtube _____.
“Scan this” or “Scan this barcode” (barcode)
Scan this QR code. (QR code)
Google this picture.
What key is _________ in? (Song — usually old)

What is the weather (today/tomorrow/future date)?
Do I need an umbrella (today/tomorrow/future date) in (location)?
Will it snow this week?
Will it rain this week?

When is the next (team) game?
How are the (team) doing?
Who do the (team) play next?
Did the (team) win their last game?
Who won the last match between (team) and (team)?
Who are/What is the mascot(s) of ____ ? (Team name e.g. San Francisco Giants)
(team name) scorecard
Schedule of (team name) scorecard.

What time is it in (location)?
When is sunrise/sunset in (location)?
What timezone is (location) in?
When was (holiday)?
When is (holiday) in (year)?
When is daylight savings?
When does (season) start?
Time at (home/work).

What’s ____ in _____?
Percent of (number)?
Square root of (number)?
What is Pi?
What is a baker’s dozen?
…. And pretty much any other mathematical simple calculation.

(flight) (number)
Has (flight number) landed?
When will (flight number) land?

(company) Stock
Who is the CEO of (company)?

Knowledge/Facts (Who, What, Where, When, How)
What’s the cast of (movie/show)?
(Actor) movies.
Bacon number _____. (actress/actor)
How long is ____ (movie)?
What’s the rating for _____? (movie)
When was the first episode of _____? (TV Show)
Who produced (movie/show)?

Who founded ________?
Who invented ________?
Where did (person) go to college? (try natalie portman)
How tall is (person).
How much does (person) weigh?
Who is (person) married to?
Define/What is (word)?
How much is ____ worth? (try Angelina Jolie)
Author of _______?
Who wrote ______?
Where is zip code (number).
Where is area code (number).
Temperature of the _________? e.g. sun
What movies did (person) play in?
(animal) species in (location).
How long is _________? (movie,bridges,etc)
When was the first episode of _______?
How old is (person)?
When was _____ born?
When did _____ die?
What is the height requirement for (amusement park ride)? (try space mountain if none work)
Capacity of (building).
Language of (country)?
Currency of (country).
National Anthem of (country).
Capital of (country).
Population of (country/city).
Flag of (country).
State Bird of (country).
Fish Species in Lake Tahoe
How long is the ____ Bridge? (George Washington)
Where is The Starry Night?
How did ____ die? (Elvis Preslsey)
How old is the ____? (earth)
What’s the theme on Splash Mountain?
How tall do you have to be to ride ____? (Splash Mountain)
When was ____ built?
What are the dimensions of _____? (painting)
What’s the capacity of ____? (Stadium/Building)
What’s the acceptance rate at _____? (School/University)

Translate to (language), __________.

Image Search
Pictures/Images of _______.

Do a barrel roll.
What’s the answer to Life, the universe, and everything?
What’s the loneliest number?
I’m hungry.
Tilt or Askew (mainly a chrome trick but works on the phone too.)

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