Get rid of bed bugs out of your house naturally

       Bed bugs are which bite human during night time and makes us asleep. It will very rarely found on day time. These bed bugs are creating problems all over the world especially in apartments where there will be less sunlight.
      These bed bugs are brown in color and one type of bed bug can live up to one year, without any food. It can't live in a temperature more than 46 degree Celsius.
Identification of bed bugs:
Get rid of bed bugs out of your house naturally      Bed bugs only sucks blood from the warm blooded animals, especially humans. During the night time, while we sleep, we emits more carbon-dioxide and because of that carbon-dioxide the bed bug are attract to us.
     We can use the same way to identify the presence of bed bug, by creating like presence of human. 
      To lure the bugs out of hiding, Wan-Tien Tsai of Rutgers University in New Brunswick put dry ice into an insulated, one-third-gallon jug, the kind available at sports or camping stores. Adding 2.5 pounds of dry ice pellets and not quite closing the pour hole allowed carbon dioxide to leak out at a bug-teasing rate for some 11 hours at room temperature, she said.
      You no need to take too much expensive experiments to identify those bugs, which you could be done for just $15.
Getting rid of bed bugs:
      Don't use artificial insecticides which may affect your health. You can get rid of bed bugs naturally by using some essentials oils which are listed below in bug spray and bug herb sachet.
Bed Bug Spray Recipe:
     You can make this in your home itself , which is made up of some essential oils. Take the mixing in a small spray container. But make sure about the proportion of each. You can mix in to concentrated as well and spray it, unless you plan to stay outside during the night. The spray might stain where you sprayed and precautionary measure should be taken before spraying, because it spray might lead to head ache.
    The ingredients to the Bed Bug spray Recipe are:
1 Cup Water
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops rosemary essential oil
10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
3 drops essential oil of clove (optional)
Bed Bug Herb Sachet
    Additional to that bug spray, you can have Bed Bug herb sachet. Keep this together with this clothing's and  bedding. You can even take this together with you during the time of travel to outstations.If there is Bed bugs in that place, it won't reach you. It is a preventive measure, so that you can't take those Bed Bugs to your home.
Bed Bug Herb Sachet 1
1 Cup dried Eucalyptus leaves
½ Cup dried rosemary
½ Cup dried lavender buds
10 Large cloves
Bed Bug Herb Sachet 2
1 Cup loose-leaf black walnut tea
½ Cup dried eucalyptus leaves
½ Cup dried lavender buds
¼ Cup dried thyme
2 Bay leaves.

Steam Spray:
     As long as the bed bug can't live in a environment more than 46 degree Celsius, we can use steam spray to kill them.

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