Deep Breakfast 010 – Anthéne

Windy & Carl - The Sun (from Consciousness, Kranky)
Ian Hawgood - Stories Fold (from Impermanence, Slowcraft)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Tides III (from Tides, Western Vinyl)
Pausal - Orthodox (from Along the Mantic Spring, Infraction)
Willamette - Lament Young (from Diminished Composition, Scissor Tail)
Christina Vantzou - At Dawn (from No. 4, Kranky)
Dedekind Cut - Tahoe (from Tahoe, Kranky)
Sarah Davachi - For Voice (from All My Circles Run, Students of Decay)
Joseph Shabason - Forest Run (from Anne, Western Vinyl)
Ekin Fil - Patterns/Visitors (from Koma, Possible Motive)
Scott Campbell - The Tender Kind (from Photos From the Flood, 79Ancestors)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Still Life (from Out of Noise, Commons)
Vikki Jackman - Nightingales (from Whispering Pages, Faraway Press)
Julianna Barwick - The Harbinger (from Nepenthe, Dead Oceans)
Benoit Pioulard - Rook (from Lignin Poise, Beacon Sound)
Andrew Chalk - Golden Hand (from The Cable House, Faraway Press)
Stijn Huwels - tomodachi (heine) (from tomodachi, Dauw)
Emily A Sprague - Piano 2 (Mount Vision) (from Water Memory/Mount Vision, RVNG Intl)

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