Crazy Hamster Ball

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Crazy Hamster Ball

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“Fun and easy game to play.”
“Super cool game with great graphics!”
“Really fun and addicting!”

It’s up to you to control the Crazy Hamster Ball as he escapes from the Mad Scientist’s Lab. Gameplay is simple just tap the screen to jump, or hold to continue jumping. Our crazy hero is running as fast as he can but he needs you to jump the many obstacles along the way.

Crazy Hamster Ball could be one of the first 3 dimensional 2D platform games. Pass through the suction tube to go deeper into the lab. See future levels behind the one you’re on.

This highly addictive but simple game will keep you entertained for hours.

There are a range of objects to help you;

- Speed Ups (double your speed)
- Boosters (jump higher)
- Side Boosters (reverse direction)
- Anti Gravity Switches (to run upside down)
- Teleporters (to instantly teleport to another location)
and much more

If you get really stuck you can buy level skips or get them for free by taking the free megadeal. Both are available from the store inside the app.

Also don’t forget to collect apples and clothing items to gain, points, achievements and unlock Hamster Modes.

Hamster Modes:
Crazy, Trendy, Smarty, Clowny, Pinky and Army

You can also unlock hamster modes in the store.

Unlock them all!

50 action packed levels are available now with 20 more coming in the first week of March and 30 more coming soon after that.

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