cravings – what you need in your carry on bag

With my exam done, I find myself having enough time and energy for exiting weekend trips again. While I love going away for weekends, they do need a bit of prep & planing beforehand or otherwise those weekend getaways will start to be rather exhausting than relaxing. What to wear to travel is an important question, you want to feel comfortable sitting on the plane, train or car and ideally want to partly be able to recycle what you wear again to not overpack. Thinking about what you need in your carry on bag is just as important. Over time, my Rimowa bag and I have become pretty good friends and it rarely happens that I miss to bring something (even though that's always how I feel when I'm at the airport!). Since May I've been twice to Mallorca, spend a weekend in Amsterdam, one in Berlin at my friend's baby shower and went to Paris - a pretty packed schedule, but that's just how I love it. To me, traveling and exploring new places is a way to relax and where I find most of my inspiration. Over the years, I created a small game for myself: find the best book to read while traveling. What for others probably is the duty free shop, is the book store for me. So many goodies there to find. So today, I'm showing you what you need in your carry on bag to make your life as easy as possible.

- Rimowa carry on: First things first - you need to find the right carry on bag for you and my most important tip would be to invest in a proper carry on. You want something where all your clothes can easily fit without getting all wrinkled up, that's spacious and that fits into the overhead compartment. In my first year at uni, my parents gifted me the Rimowa carry on and since then it's my number one piece for traveling as it's so handy. I also have the bigger Rimowa luggage and like it just so much for longer trips. Currently, I'm thinking about investing in a medium sized piece as I often find the carry on is pretty tight for a week whereas the big piece of luggage is way too huge.

- Shopper: while most low cost airlines don't allow you to have a board with a carry on and a bag, some still do. If you can, you should make use of it. It's so handy to have an eReader, notebook, your liquids and anything else you might need to have separate to your carry on with you.

- Scarf: always and forever my favorite companion on every single flight - as you might remember from this cravings list, I got the Acne Studios scarf in the beginning of the year and it's so so so perfect to travel with.

- Passport holder: traveling in style is so much more fun, isn't it? Plus, most of them don't only hold your passport but any additional cards (I actually have a separate bank account to save for "travel money"), your vaccination (which I never travel without with) and your boarding pass. I also like this, this and that one.

- A good book: I'm currently reading Albert Podell's story how he traveled the world. How he visited every single country in the world. The book is sooo fascinating (and of course has been an airport find) that I actually forgot to leave the tube at the right stop the other day.

Also, check out my tips on how to survive a long distance flight here.

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