Bok Choy Boy

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Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!
New graphics to celebrate the year of the Dragon!

BCB is big in China.
** Giant International Hit ! **
400,000 downloads and counting. Giant thanks to everybody who has helped us make Bok Choy an International sensation.

Little Orphan Susan’s dreams have been invaded by meanie Numbskullz in this fast paced addicting 3d strategy game for the iPad, iPad2, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G.

You and Susan’s dream guardians, the Bok Choy Boys, must defend her dreams and reunite her with her lost family before it’s too late!

The popular vending machine toys, Bok Choy Boy, will fight their way from your bedroom floor to your iPad and iPhone and into your heart, in this beautifully rendered, epic battle between good and evil.


* 12 Bok Choy Boys to unlock in game play. Fire, Water, Star, Day, Sky, Moon, Love, Luck, Spirit, Peace, Snow and Night
* 35 action packed levels.
* Beautiful particle effects.

Features Coming Soon:
*Ability to save level and progress.
*Improved controls.
*In app upgrades.
*Added coolness.

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