Aufruf von Mina Ahadi zur Kundgebung: Für Freilassung der deutschen Journalisten, Sakine Ashtiani und Shahla Jahed, Hootan Sajjad

Aufruf von Mina Ahadi zur Kundgebung: Für Freilassung der deutschen Journalisten, Sakine Ashtiani und Shahla Jahed, Hootan Sajjad

Breaking-Demonstration in Berlin-Germany, Saturday Nov 20

To Free the two German journalists

To Free Sakineh Ashtiani, Shahla Jahed, Sajjad, Hootan and the imprisoned lawyers

(Die Zeit und der genaue Ort der Kundgebung in Berlin wird umgehend bekannt gegeben)

Wichtige Information: Der notwendige Schutz von Frau Mina Ahadi wird bedauerlicherweise durch die Polizei- und Sicherheitsorganen Deutschlands nicht gewährleistet und untersagt. Im Falle eines offeziellen Personenschutz wird Mina Ahadi an der Berliner Kundgebung teilnehmen und sprechen; v. Organisationskommittee: Kazem Moussavi 

- The two German journalists have been accused of espionage, and under pressure and intimidation have been forced to televised confessions merely for interviewing Sajjad and Hootan . If they treat two German citizen in this way imagine what they do to Sakineh and Shahla and people of Iran.

- Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is still under the nightmare of execution and stoning in prison. Her sun Sajjad and lawyer Hootan Kian too have been arrested and tortured.

- Shahla Jahed is a young woman that the regime has decided to execute after 8 years imprisonment, on Wednesday Dec. 1. Shahla’s lawyer says that her file includes 10 legal discrepancies. Islamic Republic is at the moment incapable of executing Sakine, therefore seeks to kill Shahla to pretend that it has not surrendered to the pressure.

- Hootan Kiaan and Nsrin Sotoodeh and five other lawyers were arrested and imprisons in the past few weeks.

The only way, is to intensify the international protests. I invite the people of Germany who have been outraged by all these cases to protest in front of the Islamic Republics embassy and consulates and the German town centres, holding up posters of Sakineh and Shahla and Hootan and Sajjad , the two German journalists and imprisoned  lawyers and demand their immediate and unconditional release, on Saturday Nov.20. Come to the streets and condemn the Islamic Republic for its barbaric deeds. Come to the streets and in solidarity with the Iranian people protest against the Islamic regime which is a source of shame for humanity.

Mina Ahadi
Spokes person
International Committees against Execution and Stoning

Nov.17, 2010

Kontakt in Berlin: Für Presse und Organisationen zur Unterstützung und der Grußbotschaft-Meldungen

Dr. Kazem Moussavi



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