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Many may get the idea that rig­pa is kind of like an emp­ty space of awa­re­ness in which its appearan­ces spon­ta­neous­ly ari­se and relea­se.

That’s ok regar­ding the emp­ty aspect but is qui­te limi­t­ed con­cer­ning the acti­ve crea­ti­vi­ty of rig­pa. Rig­pa always mani­fests its ener­gy man­da­la. That’s what is seen and expe­ri­en­ced.

It crea­tes its world of inner and outer expe­ri­en­ce through its ener­getic power cal­led “tsal”. Some divi­de this crea­ti­ve ener­gy into three types of ener­gy mani­fe­sta­ti­on: exter­nal appearan­ces as “tsal”, inte­rior expe­ri­en­ces as “rol­pa”, and all per­va­si­ve ener­gy as “dang”. But in fact they are just three ways of descri­bing lumi­no­si­ty as “lhun­d­rub”.

All appearan­ces, uni­ver­ses, bodies, objects, per­cep­ti­ons, thoughts, con­cepts, self-iden­ti­ties, dua­listic mind, kar­mic mind, vasa­nas, kar­mic tra­ces, kar­mic pra­na, ala­ya­vi­jna­na, ima­gi­na­ti­ons, dreams, day dreams, wis­doms, pra­na, kun­da­li­ni and cha­kras are equal­ly this ener­gy. It’s much easier to just refer to them all as “tsal”, the “tsal of rig­pa”.

It’s basic sta­te is our natu­ral, clear awa­re and kno­wing con­s­cious­ness. Our sen­se of rela­ti­ve and per­so­nal self-iden­ti­ty is this tsal ener­gy being mani­fes­ted right in the midd­le of our sphe­re of con­s­cious­ness by acti­ve rig­pa in that exact moment. The rela­ti­ve self is the imme­dia­te self mani­fe­sta­ti­on of rig­pa its­elf. In fact it is the crea­ti­ve ener­gy of rig­pa being “inten­ded” in this moment in this exact form. Becau­se it is just an ener­gy mani­fe­sta­ti­on of rig­pa, it lacks rig­pa’s full kno­wing wis­dom. That’s the basic “ignor­an­ce” of appa­rent “beings” or tsal enti­ty pro­jec­ti­ons.

I refer to this “ima­gina­ry self”often as being a pro­jec­ti­on of the sub­con­s­cious. That real­ly only means that the pro­jec­tor, rig­pa its­elf, is below the sur­face con­s­cious­ness of the self-enti­ty. The self-enti­ty is only a pup­pet of Rig­pa’s free playing ener­gy as the pup­pe­teer.

The moment of gnostic liberation occurs when rig­pa pro­jects and informs the self-enti­ty with the recogni­ti­on of it curr­ent­ly being only an ener­getic pro­jec­ti­on of rig­pa its­elf. Rig­pa pro­jects the mind sud­den­ly in the con­di­ti­on of seeing this.

Rela­ti­ve self and Abso­lu­te are known to be non-dual at that moment. This is the peak of all mysti­cal endea­vor and the only true wis­dom libe­ra­ti­on.

Kno­wing this now through your own rig­pa wis­dom, as rig­pa minus the tsal self-iden­ti­ty, one’s acti­ve crea­ti­vi­ty as tsal crea­tes a new man­da­la in which sam­sa­ric beings are now seen as Buddhas and the dimen­si­on of sam­sa­ra as Buddha Pure Lands. Siddhis and usa­b­le hig­her powers beco­me availab­le as the­re are no lon­ger any self-defea­ting loops invol­ving one’s intent and acti­ve tsal. Unli­mi­t­ed resour­ces are made availab­le for the bene­fit of all beings.

This is the true mea­ning of empo­wer­ment, the pro­per and cohe­rent use of one’s tsal as power.

May all beings pro­s­per!

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