A Magnetic Attraction – Two Parts of a soul

She had been running around for a very long time now. The sun had slowly disappeared from the blue sky and had submerged the entire world into a warm, red light. The hot days of summer were over by now, there were only a few weeks left before autumn would set it. And as soon as that was happening, they would have lots of cold, rainy days which would make the people in town feel less happy with their life and the decisions they were making every single day.

Although this was not about to happen for some time, the girl already could feel how her heart was more and more enclosed by coldness. It slowly crept into her body, constantly moving until it had reached her heart and made her completely numb. Maybe this would be better than going on like this. Eventually she would not be suffering from pain any longer; eventually she could live in peace. Unless she was unable to feel peace as well then. But even that seemed like a more sufficient solution to the question where her life was going to lead her, compared to the loneliness that made her feel like she could not breath, could not live. He had been the most important part of her life and had made every single day feel just wonderful. When he had not been with her, he always had left little presents or things that reminded her of him whenever she felt lonely. With his broad smile and his beautiful eyes he always cheered her up and got problems out of her mind for quite some time.

And now he was gone. A young car driver had not paid attention to the road he was driving on, instead he had been busy talking to his blonde girlfriend on the seat next to him. Funny what you remember about days like this one, days that change your life completely. The driver’s girlfriend had been blonde, her face was covered in black streaks of mascara that kept getting bigger. She claimed it had been her fault. That the car would have stopped in time if she had talked less and not insisted that her boyfriend paid attention to what she was saying. The car had hit the boy with full speed and made him fly through the air before landing on the ground and laying still on the asphalt as if he was sleeping. Only the unusual angle of his right leg had indicated that he was not, that he simply could not be. After a few moments of complete silence the first people started to cry, then a few started to scream and point at the body in the middle of the street. Within minutes a crowd had gathered around, discreetly mumbling to each other about what had been happening and what should be done now.

The girl had been walking down the street, planning to run a few errands before going back home and preparing dinner for her boyfriend. They had not been seeing each other for a few weeks, because he’d had to study a lot. One day he was going to be a doctor and help people who were in physical pain. It was what he wanted to do. This was right.

And now this was not going to happen. Instead she had to stand on the street and watch the emergency doctor put a cover over her boyfriend’s body and respectfully step backward. The boy didn’t get a chance of proving how good a doctor he could be. So maybe it was now her turn to become someone respectable enough for the both of them. His love was the only thing that stayed with her despite of what had happened.

She knew exactly how he had been feeling about her – so many times they had stayed in bed together and had talked about their feelings while they couldn’t escape from each other. That had always been a little joke between the two of them – they couldn’t run off so easily when they were lying next to each other like this, holding hands. So this always was the right time to tell each other how they truly felt. Numerous times he had said the three words that bring a smile to everybody’s face whenever they hear it. At first she was reluctant to accept these words, almost being unable to believe that a beautiful person like him could enjoy spending time with her, but he really did. And he convinced her to believe in him and in their love. This feeling of being loved was now stuck in her mind and nothing in the entire world could get it out of there.

Sadly she twisted the golden ring on her finger. He had given it to her on her last birthday and told her to take care of it. One day, he said, when maybe they had drifted apart, the ring would still remind her of him. Their hearts would always be calling for each other and one day they would be together again. Forever this time. The metallic ring was a sign of love without an end. Only they knew where it had started.

Days ran by, weeks maybe. She didn’t know and she didn’t care either. The pain in her head was omnipresent and made her feel and think about nothing but sadness. Every day she got up and thought of him. She cleaned the house and thought of him. Whenever she managed to eat something, she thought of him. And his face was the last thing she saw before she exhaustedly fell asleep after a long day.

Something big was missing in her life and she knew exactly what it was. Probably she was missing in his new life up there now, too. After these years she knew him so well that she could tell if he was thinking about her, even if his body was not here anymore. This was what happened – he was lonely, just like her. They needed to be together, without each other they were not complete, but only shadows of themselves.


People in town were shocked to experience two accidents like this in such short time’s notice. First a young man had been hit by a car and now a girl had died, too. She had been a little younger than him and rumors were that they had been in love. People figured that she had not been strong enough to fight and to live. After this had been declared, they moved on. Nobody knew that she had left the earth because she didn’t want him to be lonely any longer. They did not know that their hearts belonged with each other for eternity, like two parts of a magnet. Now they were complete again. They had everything, except for the ring that was put on her grave, right next to his. It had helped them to find each other and now it watched over them. Forever.

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