➤ 3 How to Crack IDM 6.35 Full permanently

Method 1: Crack by Patch file

Currently on the forums, the website has a lot of crack tools, as well as IDM patches, silent types, not knowing which is the safest tool. And do not know any good crack tool does not have a fake serial error, ... This tool on Vietnam forums is very rare, I have just found it so share it for you, this tool is very light only 57KB and extremely safe. safe.

The tool was taken on the Russian website, written by a group of people (you can see the image above), this tool updates over many versions and stops at version 15.5 so far has not been updated and is still Very well used. Feature: Register by name Crack IDM extremely fast no more than 2 seconds. Disable update IDM IDM Accelerate IDM Remove IDM Restore Crack Disable / Enable IDM ...

Before cracking, you must install IDM first. Those who do not have IDM can download it here: https://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/download.html

Step 1: Turn off the Windows Defender software

Step 2: Download the software and extract by winRAR

Step 2: Click the Patch button

Step 3: Enjoy. If anyone has not installed IDM, download it here: https://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/download.html

Some disadvantages:

After each update, you must Patch again After using the Patch function, you will not be able to check the update anymore, when checking, you will always notice that you are in the latest version (perhaps so without being fake series). Want to Update IDM, you have 2 ways: Use the tool check update to go to the home page to download the exe file to install, then use the Patch function again. Use the Restore Crack function to return to Trial trial status, then check IDM update, and finally use Patch. Because this tool automatically registers the name Random so you want to register by your name, then search the registration function and enter the name.

Strengths compared to IDM Trial Reset:

Patch only 1 time is never fake series. IDM Trial Reset, you have to go through 1 to a few times to register to not get a fake series, after no more fake reports will never be again, now you can use comfortably, carefree updates like IDM license. In addition to the functions and disadvantages mentioned above, there are many other good functions, you can download and use it. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below, I will respond later.

Method 2: Crack by file IDMan.exe

Step 1: Download File IDMan.exe with the link below, there are 3 links you can download any link

Step 2: After conducting the download of the above file, extract it, then copy the file named IDMan.exe and overwrite the installation directory of IDM, remember to exit IDM in the taskbar. okay, right click on IDM and choose exit.

IDM installation path: C: Program Files (x86) Internet Download Manager


If you show the fake serial error, turn it off, it will automatically recognize the registered version above.

Method 3: Crack by file IDMan.exe

What is IDM trial reset?

Put simply, you can say that IDM Trial Reset is an unlocking software that allows you to increase the trial period of the software to a lifetime. As mentioned earlier, IDM is not a free program. This tool costs about $ 25 for a lifetime transaction for a PC.

Advantages of using IDM trial reset

1. The best part of Reset IDM trial is that it supports all versions of Windows. Regardless of whether you are using the oldest Windows XP or the latest Windows 10., it will work smoothly regardless of your computer architecture, ie: 32 bit or 64 bit.

2. There is absolutely no need to configure this archive file to make IDM work on your computer.

3. You are free to check for updates at any time.

4. There is absolutely no need for you to worry about viruses. Because you will only use the original version of the software. But it was cracked by a patch.

5. It comes with an auto reset option that will help you automatically rest at the end of the trial period. So you do not have to reset the software many times.

How to use IDM trial reset

Step 1: First, you will need to download the software from IDM website. here

After downloading, double click on the file and follow all onscreen instructions to install the software on your computer.

Step 2: Download the software to support reset trial and active here

Step 3: Next, you will need to download the IDM Trial Reset tool and extract it

➤ 3 How to Crack IDM 6.35 Full permanently

Step 4: Go to the extracted folder, run fiel idm trial reset

Step 5: select Trial Set Tab and click on Automatic !!! Wait a few seconds when this bulletin board is done !!! Close IDM reset and use IDM to permanently say no to Fake Serial Number!

➤ 3 How to Crack IDM 6.35 Full permanently

Once completed, you will see the message Sign up for IDM now! You are done.

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