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Burn The Corn

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Burn The CornAbyss Games Kostenlose iPhone App Version: 0.95 Größe: 18 MB Sprachen: Englisch, Französisch GRATIS


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In order to celebrate the coming 1.0 version update, we are now Droped price to free for all users. Enjoy our app & you will be surprised.

Burn The Corn is a new casual action game. It’s simple and fun. Everybody can enjoy the game.
Touch the screen to kindle the Magic Flame. swipe the flying corns with your flame to turn them into delicious popcorn!

*Game Story*
Once upon a time, a group of Baby Corns wanted to escape from the imprisonment of Evil Moisture. These Baby Corns await for the brave players to turn them into delicious Popcorn!!

Be careful though, Evil Moisture will send tons of Water Babies to make troubles! Despite their cute looks, you should avoid them at all costs!! Use your finger to draw elegant curves to go around them.

Sometimes the anxious Baby Corns cannot wait and come out all at once! But do not worry… powerful reinforcements such as Fire Warrior that can strengthen your power and Time Wizard that can freeze time will be there to help you!

Now! Let us work together to help the Baby Corns to make their dreams come true!!


ScreenshotsBurn The Corn  Burn The Corn  Burn The Corn  Burn The Corn  Burn The Corn


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